Dr. Rush to Captivate India every Thursday on Movies Now

August 7, 2014 Dr. Rush to Captivate India every Thursday on Movies Now @TheRoyaleIndia 1150 0 0

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I’m not a judge, not a lawyer, not a priest, not a cop. We don’t screen, we don’t discriminate, we don’t judge. We treat people who pay.” – Dr. William Rush

Rush is a new American television series about a playboy doctor named William Rush who specializes in giving exclusive medical services to the elites at expensive rate ensuring absolute secrecy. The show premieres in India on Movies Now on 7th August 2014 and would be telecasted every Thursday at 11 pm IST. While the show launched in USA last month, it has quickly garnered positive and faithful viewership.

hotshot playboy doctor rush tom ellis @TheRoyaleIndia

Dr. Rush, played by the seductive Tom Ellis, operates discreetly no matter what is the medical condition by going extra mile and delivering his expert service to his patients at their homes. In return he only takes hard cash. He himself lives a very flamboyant life full of taking drugs and sleeping with wanna-be-models. From stitching up nasty reminders of domestic violence practiced by a leading sports star on his girlfriend to operating a wanted mafia goon in a garage, Dr. Rush is a trusted name amongst the elites.

Rush treating mafia goon garage @TheRoyaleIndia

On the sideline his personal life unfolds with his ex-flame making an appearance in his life again at a kid’s birthday party where he ends up smoking drugs. Watching the first episode of this series will definitely want you to keenly wait for the next one. It’s not your typical medical TV series romance oriented like Grey’s Anatomy or intellectual like House; it’s a daring story telling of how the elites function and how this hotshot doctor treats their most secret ailments and medical problems that you would have never thought existed!

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