Angels of the Sea – Dolphins and Whales in India

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Some of the greatest minds on earth live in the seas. And among these minds are dolphins and whales. Everyone loves the spirit of dolphins and whales – their carefree smiles and go getter attitudes. In India, dolphins are considered to be Ganga’s vehicle. As across the world, dolphin spotting and whale watching are popular recreational activities even in India. These endearing aquatic mammals, however, are slowly reaching the endangered status. Educational or recreational, if you fancy watching whales and dolphins in India, try these sought after destinations for an enriching experience.

1. Goa

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No surprises here! Party destination of India is also home to many dolphins and whales. It is a pleasure to watch these animals in their natural habitat. You can hire boats from various beaches across Goa and get lucky by spotting dolphins. This is a popular tourist activity in Goa and there are many tour operators who offer this as their speciality. Some claim a 100% sighting of dolphins, even if it means spotting the fins of dolphins. River boat cruises which glide though Mandovi, Sal & the Chapora Rivers can also give you glimpse of these exotic animals.

2. Lakshadweep

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Lakshadweep – a collection of countless islands is a very popular destination when it comes to dolphin and whale watching. Just relax along the beach and spot the dolphin flying out of the sea or maybe a whale .The coral reefs and mangrove vegetation are conducive for their breeding and so many of them can be found here. You can also hire boats to get up and close to these sea wonders.

3. Kerala

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God’s own country is also popular with the dolphins. The tropical beaches of Kerala provide for some of the excellent dolphin sightings. Being pretty close to paradise, you may find dolphins swimming just off the shore of these beaches.

4. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

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Made up of roughly 750 islands, this one is every marine explorer’s dream destination. Clean, pristine beaches and lot of marine activities. You ought to find the dolphins and whales dancing in the sea here. On the way to Havelock Island or at Lalaji Bay, the lady luck may smile at you and you may get to see these adorable creatures. Explore your adventurist side by indulging in activities like sun bathing, swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving. Crystal blue waters invite with a temptation that is difficult to resist.

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5. Assam

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Being blessed with a rich wild life and dense vegetation, Assam is also the abode for South Asian River Dolphins which is one of the major species of freshwater dolphins. They are the endangered varieties and not easily spotted. Dibru-Saikhowa sanctuary in Assam may just be able to give you a glimpse of these mammals. Take a boat ride into the Brahmaputra River and experience sheer tranquillity. Dolphins are known to give blink and miss kind of appearances .Be prepared for these appearances.

6. Tamilnadu

Dolphins in Tamilnadu @TheRoyaleIndia

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Tamilnadu is blessed with number of clean beaches and it is an absolute delight to find dolphins along some of the beaches here. Dolphins are the highlight of the Paradise beach in Pondicherry .Boats are available which will take you for dolphin spotting. But you may want to simply sit on the beach and see dolphins diving in and out of water. Other beaches like Rameshwaram or the beautiful coast of point Calimere Wildlife Sanctuary may be your places to go to take your chance with these aquatic delights.

Swimming with the dolphins is one of the things most people have on their list to do at some point in their lives. And when you actually do it, you will be left asking for more. Such is the magic of these enchanting mammals. So would you not try to explore these places for a memorable day out with the dolphins?


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