Does online shopping save your time and efforts?

August 3, 2017 sabrina clarken @TheRoyaleIndia 727 0 0

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Sabrina Clarken is seventeen years old, and is currently a senior at Ruthven-Ayrshire Community School. In this article she shares her view point on the topic Does online shopping save time and efforts? She is our Runner up and has been awarded $75.

Though I do not do a whole lot of online shopping, it is effortless and time efficient. Going shopping at the store can take hours of your day. First, you would have to go to the store. Then the huge haste of it all comes into play. You have to find what you are looking for, make sure it’s the right size, color, shape, and meets all the requirements you’re looking for. If you are like most people, you have what I like to call the wandering eye. That’s where your eye starts to wander while shopping and you see other things you would like to buy or things you now want. When going shopping at a store, you go in for one thing and leave with more than what you bargained for. I’m not saying that shopping in stores is a bad thing, but it tends to lead to buying more than what is necessary. Online shopping helps prevent that.

Online shopping you go with a specific thing in mind. You go search for the item. You make sure that everything is how you want it to be, and then you order it. There is less of a chance to get wandering eye with online shopping because you’re not constantly looking at other products. Online shopping is fast and simple. You go on, get what you want, and check out. To “look around” while online shopping you would have to search for those things. It takes little to no effort. It does not take much to order a few things. It is quick, simple, and efficient. If you don’t like what you ordered, then it is super easy to send it back and get the right thing. With normal in the store shopping returning things is not so easy. You have to make sure you still have the receipt, and then hopefully there is no line at the return area; otherwise, you are going to have to stand in line as well. Then comes the arguing with whoever is trying to help you. At this point, you are more than likely going to get irritated with the whole extravaganza, and you are either going to finally get your way and get what you wanted all along after quite a bit of time, or you are going to be stuck with something you did not want. Online shopping makes it super easy to get your way the right way.

Online shopping, in my opinion, is the more affordable, less time consuming, and easier way to shop. It is just the simplest way to shop. Online shopping helps out a lot especially if you get anxiety in crowded places. What is better than shopping from home? Then you know where everything is. You know that everything will be perfect, and you can get way more done in the shortest amount of time. Some people say that online shopping is bad, which it could be. There are bad things that go along with online shopping, but there are bad things that go along with normal shopping as well. At least with online shopping, you are at your home, where you feel comfortable and safer. You don’t have to worry about getting things stolen from you, you won’t get hurt, and you don’t have to feel uncomfortable. People will not be looking at you, you won’t be near strangers, and you won’t have to have the awkward confrontations with others. Online shopping prevents all of these things because you will be alone or with your family and friends while shopping.

Does online shopping save time and effort? I believe it does. You get what you need, with the easiest way possible. You just go on get what you want and leave. There is no waiting, no wandering eye. Online shopping is quick and easy all in the comfort of your own home. There is barely any effort to shop online. Though a lot of people don’t like it, I recommend it. It is good to get what you want if you only have a little time to get it. Normal shopping is an okay thing to do for certain things like food, but online shopping is just the easier route.

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