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Sumita Chakraborty avers upcycling is the best way to spruce your living spaces.

Your home is your den. And nothing is as important as doing it up your way – after all, your home should reflect you! So for now, forget ‘fly by night’ snazzy trends, instead inject your signature style to your home.  And for that, you can try some upcycling…

What Is Upcycling?

Upcycling is moulding recycled or reused things into a new avatar to beautify your home. In fact, to be blunt, it is converting trashed items into beautiful home décor products.

Today as we encourage an eco-friendly sustainable world, upcycling injects that much needed eco-conservation touch the world needs!

havan @TheRoyaleIndia

For instance, when I walked into my new home, I found an old rusty havan discarded on the window sill by the old owners. I painted the havan red and then placed a fancy glass top on it. Today, it serves as a low corner table on which I place my souvenirs collected from all the parts of the globe I’ve travelled to. Here are some fun ways to upcycle.

Paint Mania

If you have the paint man visiting your home, beg off him a little spare paint – it could be in any hues.

  • Get that old scratched up wooden centre-table that has seen better days into your DIY workshop. Jazz up the surface with the colors – in fact, if you are good at art, you can even draw something on the top surface. Place a glass top on your art, and your old table will look as chic as something you buy from a designer shop.

Paint Mania @TheRoyaleIndia

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  • Or you can even use the paint to jazz up one side of the wall which has cracked plaster coming out from everywhere. Never mind, if the colors are not matching, it will jazz up the wall and hide the flaws.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirrors give an illusion of space. But instead of putting your plain ole mirror, that you purchased via furniture offers available online, that has seen better days, why don’t you put some stain glass art on the edges of the mirror or if you are handy with making crochet, cover the sides with it. In fact, let your imagination soar, with mirrors, you can not only innovate, but you can also beautify the space.

Baskets Galore

So many times, you receive gifts encased in fancy baskets, and you don’t  know what to do with them. And it’s such a pity to throw them out.

  • Instead, you can dye them in different shades and stack them at the corner of the room. They brighten up space.

Upcycle your home @TheRoyaleIndia

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  • Or you can place the baskets on your side table and place all your family pictures in it.

Indoor plants in basket @TheRoyaleIndia

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  • You can hang the basket on the wall and put your dishes in them. That would make a pretty viewing, wouldn’t it?

  • You can even place your indoor pots inside these baskets. Just don’t overdo the watering.

  • You can even use these baskets as jewellery or makeup box.

Broken Wood

There are so many pieces of broken wood lying around – the broken back of a chair, a shelf comes loose or even leftover wood from the time you did your kitchen. Why don’t you make use of it?

the shelf @TheRoyaleIndia

For instance, I had ordered an ornate bookshelf from Jaipur. It had beautiful carved wood, but unfortunately, the bottom wood layering of the book shelf broke. Since the books fitted well in the bookcase and it didn’t need the bottom layering, I got the carpenter to get an intricate black wrought iron bracket and with the support of the bracket, I put up the carved wooden piece as a shelf on the wall. The shelf now has its place of pride and looks amazingly beautiful.

Climb High

Ladder Upcycle @TheRoyaleIndia

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If your paint man has left his broken step ladder behind and you’re at sea on what to do with it. Don’t worry. Paint the step ladder in different hues and then place it next to your showcase. On the top of the ladder, you can place an indoor plant or put a glass on it and keep your souvenirs.


You have tonnes of wine bottles lying all around your home. Just take out your paint box and let your creative juices flow.

  • Give the bottles a contrasting hue by painting dark on a light palette. You can paint mermaids, fishes, colourful flowers on them and place them at strategic corners of the room.

Wine Bottle Different colours @TheRoyaleIndia


  • You can even fill the bottles with colourful stones and use them as a décor piece.

Old Saris

Old Sarees @TheRoyaleIndia

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At every given time, you’ll have tonnes of beautiful saris lying around. But alas, they are old or perhaps, slightly torn. Give them to the tailor and make cushions, curtains or a table spread out of them. You can even buy new plain chusions from Pepperfry Offers and stitch a cushion cover for it, from your old sarees. The intricate weaves will add that dash of colour to your home.

…There are so many things you can do to upcycle your home décor. So start now. Just don’t waste, instead, reuse and beautify your home.

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