DIY: Top 12 Innovative Gift Wrapping Ideas

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DIY: Top 12 Innovative Gift Wrapping Ideas

As the French say, “The style is the man (woman), and your client’s style is most evident in how they present their gift. And choosing the right colour of fabric to gift wrap, as it were, to put their signature on it. If you are a beginner. . .”
Gift wraps can make any gifts look pretty and alluring. Picking up the right colour or fabric for gift wrapping can be so much fun. Wrapping a gift is an art, and one can master it with practice. This festive season when you have many gifts to be wrapped, you can surf the internet to check on for some creative ideas. But this may not work for you depending on the resources readily available at home. Hence, we have picked up some innovative and easy gift wrapping ideas to surprise your friends and family. Ultimately what matters is the look of happiness on recipient’s face. Read on.

    1. Eco-friendly fabric gift wrappers
      Fabric is not only an eco-friendly option but, what is more, it is also reusable. In Japan, the art of wrapping gifts in cloth is pretty popular and is known as furoshiki. Take a look at some of the fabric gift-wrapping ideas listed below:

      1. Artistic hand-printed fabric wrapping: Pick a plain or a printed fabric for gift wrapping. You can even make your own hand-printed fabric, using a stamp and ink. Dip the stamp in ink and make prints on fabric. Wait for it to dry and then iron it to set the ink. Viola! A beautiful printed wrapper is all ready to deck up your gift. Place your gift in the centre of the fabric and finish it off (the coup de grace) with a knot using all the corners. Last but not the least, do not forget the best-wishes card to convey your message.

        fabric warpping
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      2. A Tie on the gift wrap: A gift inside and a gift outside, use a tie to simply deck up the gift-wrap. This certainly is a great way to wrap a gift for your man!

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      3. Scarf wrapping: A lovely scarf can be used to wrap a gift. A scarf for warmth and soft closeness and a gift to adore! What more can the love of your life ask for?

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      4. Old clothes for gift-wrapping: Pick an old sweater or an old shirt using up precious space/ in the wardrobe. Turn it into a cute gift-wrapper.

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    2. Transform empty boxes into eye-catching gift boxes
      Make the best out of waste! Below is a list of a few amazing ideas:

      1. From cereal boxes to gift boxes: Do you have cereals for breakfast? If so, save those empty cereal boxes as they make handy and handsome gift boxes. This is the most economical gift wrapping idea your gifted mind can find. All you need is some glue, a pair of scissors and an empty cereal box. Cut the sides, fold it thrice and glue the sides to make it a gift box.

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      2. Convert cookie boxes to gift boxes: If there are cookie tins or candy tins lying around, clean and dry them, and spray paint them evenly. Let them dry for 24 hours and then decorate it with washi tape and a pompom.–cookie-tin-diy-upcycling.jpg
        Cookie tins can also be wrapped in colourful gift wrappers with different designs. Fabric wrapping also works wonders, to magically transform an empty box by giving it a gift box make over.
    3. Bring life to a dreary brown gift wrapper
      Brown gift wrappers are eco-friendly, but not so attractive, however you can make them appealing with some creative ideas.

      1. Transform a boring brown gift wrapper to a beautiful gift wrapper: Pick some flowers or small plants or some lovely feathers, tuck them under some twine or ribbon after wrapping up the gift with brown paper.

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      2. Add a magnificent touch to the gift wrap: Add an embellished brooch or stone hair-clip as a topper on the ribbon.

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      3. Splash it with some colourful: Use any paint colour of your choice and make polka dots using a pencil all over the brown gift wrapper. Let it dry and finish it off with a ribbon or a washi tape.

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      4. Match it up with the festive mood: Stick a floating candle or a diya, sprinkle some glitters and some colours on the brown gift wrapper. You can also stick some festive themes or if you are good at drawing, you can draw festive themes to make the brown wrapper attractive.
    4. Go original with papers:
      Colourful gift wrappers are available in stores and are pretty common. You can choose unique gift wraps like music sheets, maps, and newspapers for an outstanding gift wrapper.

      1. Gift wrapping idea for a music lover: You can pick a music sheet from a thrift shop or a music store and wrap your gift.

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      2. Gift wrapping idea for a travel lover: Pick the affordable maps from a local stationary and wrap up the gift to give it a classy touch.

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      3. Gift wrapping idea for a geek: Grab the old newspaper to wrap your gift. Bring in the creator in you by making a simple newspaper flower topper or a painted heart with glitters.

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      4. Gift wrapping idea for a wine lover: Use a cardboard to make a cylinder, join the sides. Use a contrast colour to make a cone—wrap wine in the shape of a pencil using the cylinder and cone.

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      5. Gift wrapping idea for an art lover: Wrap the gift with a solid colour. Use another contrast colour to cut your favourite shapes such as butterflies, flowers or hearts. Fold the shapes in half and stick them all around the gift wrap. To be more expressive, make accents with paper cuts and stick them on the plain gift wrapper.

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    5. Pompom bows for gift wraps:
      A bow completes a gift wrap, but a pompom makes it glorious! Pompoms can be made out of anything and everything. Take a look at the list below of some awesome ideas for a DIY pompom:

      1. Wax paper pompom: Layer up the wax paper, fold it back and forth like a hand fan and tie it in the centre. Trim the edges as per the size. Pull the string and spread the layers apart to make it a flower.

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      2. Tissue paper pompom:Coloured tissue can be used to make beautiful pompoms. This can also be a budget option.

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      3. Woollen pompom: Bright colouredwoollen pompoms can look aesthetic and is a sure hit among kids and girls.

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      4. Fabric pompom: Fabric with different designs can be used to make pompoms. Pearls or beads can be glued together in the centre to make it rich.

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      5. Cupcake liner pompom: Fold the cupcake liners in half, stack them and pierce a hole in the centre. Create ruffles using the liners and adjust accordingly.

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    6. Value add gift wrappers
      Some gift wrappers can be valuable assets. The following list gives an idea of such gift wraps.

      1. Mason Jars: Mason jars make an awesome gift to give away desserts, chocolates, cookies, sweets, mini aquariums, soaps and body scrubs. These jars can be reused later as well.

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      2. Oven Mittens: Oven mittens can be used to wrap baking essentials and a ribbon can be tied to hold it all intact. Oven mittens definitely serve a great need while baking. Your baker friend will for sure jump with joy seeing the gift.
      3. Basket: Basket can be used to wrap teddy bears, chocolates, cosmetics, wine and many more such gifts. Baskets can later be used to dump in some of your makeup or bath essentials.


    7. Effortless gift wrapping with washi tape:
      Using Washi tape is an easy and awesome way to customise your gift wrapping. Kids can also have fun decorating with these themed washi tapes. Washi tape is available in different colours, patterns and prints. Some of the simple ways to decorate with washi tape are:

      1. Say it with washi tape: Pick washi tape with quotations to express and add a playful touch to the gift wrap.


      2. Make Washi tape bow: Make a bow with washi tape. This will not require any additional bow toppers.


      3. Customise prints with washi tape:Customise the washi tape into various prints and stick all over the gift wrap. Super easy and simple way to deck up the gift wrap.

      4. Flaunt a bunting flag: Cut washi tape into bunting flags and join them up using a simple thread and paste these to the gift wrap to add touch of celebration.
      5. Form a monogram: Use the washi tape to form cut-outs of simple and elegant monograms on the gift wrap.


      6. Design a Washi tape candle: Cut the washi tape into candle like designs. Stick them on the gift wrap. Engage your children or the kids at home, a perfect activity for the young minds.


    8. Cheery gift wraps for kids
      Kids look forward to the festive seasons and their birthdays mainly for gifts. What better way to make them happier than by wrapping the gifts with their favourite theme? Here are some interesting and entertaining gift wrap tips:

      1. For a cartoon lover: Wrap the gift with the kids favourite cartoon character or actor. This is sure to bring a smile on the kid’s face.
      2. For a painter: Stick some crayons on the gift wrapper with colour me message. This will be a fun and amusing activity for the birthday kid.
      3. For a racer: Stereotypically speaking boys love cars, and how cool is it to stick a hot wheels car on the gift wrap! The birthday boy will surely snatch the gift even before you present it to him.     [Image credits – ]
      4. For the puzzle solver: Wrap the gift with a crossword puzzle wrapper. You can even make one by using the word search creator.  [Image credits – ]
    9. Thoughtful gift wraps:
      Here is the list of think-outside-the-box gift wraps.

      1. Nature’s gift to wrap a gift: Some of the natural gift wraps are: banana leaf with cinnamon, bamboo leaves with star anise, banana leaves with reeds, bamboo leaves with hemp twine and birch bark with a feather. All you have to do is just roll it and tie it up with a twine.[Image credits – ]
      2. Nature’s gift to wrap a gift: Start with a single ribbon on the gift wrap. Add few more ribbons parallel to it. Interweave next set of ribbons perpendicular to the first.[Image credits – ]
      3. Black paper gift wrap: Wrap your gift in a black gift wrapper or even a black gift bag. Use a chalk marker to define your fine art on it.[Image credits – ]
      4. Unique ribbons with balloons without inflation: Left over balloons can also be of great use to deck up your gift. Pick a bunch of uninflated and colourful balloons lying around and tie them up to make a pretty ribbon.[Image credits – ]
    10. Pep up the gift wrappers with colourful confetti
      This gift wrapping idea is so much fun and kids will for sure enjoy this craft work. All you need is a craft paper, confetti and stick tape or glue. Wrap your gift with craft paper—preferably black or brown or white colour wrappers. Wrap around the stick tape and dip it in confetti to finish off the colourful wrapping. You could even dip it in glitters, but keep in mind that glitters can be all over you for the entire day. you are using a gift bag to wrap your gift, cover the one-third of bag with glue and dip it in confetti.
    11. Make an ingenious collage gift wrapper
      Get back to golden school days – tear those old magazine papers and cut them into different shapes. Stick them on to a gift box to make a collage on it. Finish off your gift wrapping with a classy ribbon.×412.jpg

      1. To add memories on the gift wrap: Take printouts of some old pictures with the recipient and stick them on the plain gift wrapper. This definitely shows your effort and your loving care in making the entire gift just perfect for occasion.
    12. DIY gift bags or gift envelope
      Tiny gifts look good in gift bags or pouches. Check out some ideas on how to make your own gift bag or pouch.

      1. DIY easy gift bag: Roll out the gift wrapper, place the gift in the centre and keep handy enough paper for wrapping. Fold on the sides until they convene and then secure it/them with a tape. Create the bottom of the gift bag by folding the wrapping paper at the bottom. Now create a diamond shape out of it and fold the top and bottom corners towards the middle of the diamond. Use a tape to secure the pack. Open the bag and punch holes for the ribbon.×1024.jpg
      2. DIY easy gift envelope: To wrap a cute gift card or a key chain or a chocolate use scrap book paper circles to make a cute envelope.
      3. DIY easy fabric pouches: You can even make fabric gift pouches to wrap your gifts. For a vintage touch, you can tie the key hole with a beautiful satin or a vintage hand key. This is a simple yet a brilliant way of gift wrapping.–inspirational-gifts-dad-birthday.jpg
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