DIY Tips: Things you can do to give your Old Furniture a New Look

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Furniture enhances the overall look of the interior. So when there is old and unused furniture at home, all you have to give them a makeover and change the overall aura of your home interiors. We will assist you with some incredible ideas to transform those unused furniture to give a new look, and these can be applied to wide range of furnitures such as a chair, table, lamp, mirror, dresser, shoe rack, and shelves. All you need is some patience and creativity to show off your piece of work while you save money on buying new ones. Checkout some of the old furniture makeover ideas listed below:

  1. Transform your old crib into a fun piece of furniture

I am sure you will be dumbfounded as to how an old crib can serve multiple purposes with super ease. Look into some of the below ideas:

  • If your kid has outgrown the old cot, do not worry! Turn it into kid’s study table by covering half of the crib top with a particle board and colouring it in bright colours. You can also some desk decors like pen stand, globe or a study lamp. Keep a study chair under the crib to give it a professional look.
  • Turn the old crib into activity area by arranging pillows and soft toys on crib table. Kids can sit and play while you can mend your own business.
  • Glide crib gates across the wall to make it a jewel rack or magazine rack. Hang in jewels like necklaces or magazines to make it an amazing organiser rack. You can even use the crib gates to hang cooking vessels using hooks which are glued to wood.

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2. Turn your old sofa into a magical couch

A sofa is one of the most used furniture at home. With time, the fabric gets worn out and starts looking shabby. Replacing it with a new one is a task and for sure not easy on your pockets. We will help you with some interesting and cost-effective ideas to give your old sofa a lovely makeover.

  • Chalk paint is an excellent option to paint the scratched and worn out leather sofas. You can pick your favourite chalk paint colour and paint on the leather and give it a facelift.
  • Reupholster your sofa yourself in an instant using a slipcover. It is very important to pick the right size to fit in the sofa snugly. If you are a pro in stitching, then try sewing out a slipcover yourself. You can proudly flaunt your creation to all your guests.
  • You can also cover up worn out places of the sofa seat with attractive sofa covers to give it a chic look. You can find elegant and wonderful sofa fabric covers, in the market for the most affordable price.
  • You could also take professional help to get the reupholstering done. Nothing can beat the professional touch and hence, feel free to take help from a pro.

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3. Get artistic with old dressing table

The dressing table or bureau is again another furniture which is used most and hence shows the signs of aging pretty soon. Some of the innovative ways to makeover your old dresser or dressing table are:

  • Cover the sides of the drawers with lace or colourful fabric. If you are good at painting, design and define floral patterns to make it classy. You can even make use of embellishments to add a royal look.
  • Stick on the furniture map papers, newspapers, gift wrappers or any other colourful papers. You can use washi tape to make stripes or geometric patterns. No matter what you use, it is worth to give it a try.
  • Experiment and play with paints. Go mad with colourful paints, ombre, pastel, bright colours, magnetic paints, spray paints, metal paints, contrasting colours and anything to match your taste.
  • Get rid of the drawers and utilize it as a bookshelf. Keep the dresser as the organiser for your clothes. You can even chop off the top section, renovate it and add some appealing cushion covers to make it a sitting bench.

4. Revamp old shelves to an accent piece at home

Shelves are a must in your kitchen, or study room or bathroom. These shelves lack luster as they age. Some of the surprising and easy makeovers to make them look fancy in any place are as below:

  • Apply fabric or wallpaper or tiles to the back of shelf using glue or mod podge. This for sure makes the shelf stand out as a great style statement. Or, add a vintage style by simply adding trim. You can also add a coat of colour of the sides and brighten up the look.
  • For a flat shelf with no legs. Add feet or legs to the shelf to give it a good height, which in turn adds style and elegance. Make sure to paint the legs to match the shelf colour.

5.Repurpose the ladder in backyard to a startling showpiece

Every house has a ladder which hardly serves its purpose. You will be flabbergasted to know the ladder makeovers.

  • Make a ladder shelf by adding a piece of wood on the top. Add in flower vases, showpieces or any other décor to make it a striking piece.
  • Paint the ladder using a spray paint or metallic paint and let it dry. Add old surface grates and use it as an organiser for storing books, clothes, flower pots, to hang in dishes, etc.
  • Add a piece of wood slab at the bottom and one on the top to make it a bookshelf. I am sure this is a million dollar idea for any book lover. Won’t you agree?
  • Have you heard of a ladder Christmas tree? Arrange two ladders to make it a Christmas tree. Deck it up with Christmas toys, colour papers, lights and let it stand tall in the entry area to welcome the guests to showcase your creativity.

6. Pep up your dining room by overhauling the old dining table

Dining table is the main centre of attraction in a dining room. It is a place where guests, family, friends gather over a meal. Hence a peppy dining table can cheer any visitor at a glance. Check out these ideas to overhaul the old dining table:

  • Paint the table top and bottom in contrasting and co-ordinating colours. This not only adds elegance but also does a lot to the interiors.
  • Get innovative and add a stencil design to the top of the table. This piece remains to be a wonderful proof to brag your creativity.
  • Add elegance by covering the table top, with a sheet of metal like zinc, copper, bronze, stainless steel or any other metal which you prefer. This furniture will definitely turn out to be a masterpiece in your dining room.
  • To keep it simple and elegant, paint a solid colour to the dining table to match the interiors. You can even re-stain and strip the table to give it a weathered or distressed look.

7. Alter the outdoor furniture to dapper your garden area

Outdoor furniture like chair perches or benches are a must in your garden area. Watching birds or pets while sipping a hot cup of tea in your garden can be so rejuvenating. Bright and lively furniture can add a lot more to your ambience. Some of the interesting ways to modernize old outdoor furniture are:

  • Add white paint to wicker furniture to beat the boring brown. Deck it up with pillows and patterned cushions to bring in a dash of fun.
  • Fabric upholstery and colourful paints can turn the old bamboo chairs into cheery bamboo chairs.
  • Bring life to old park benches by striping and re-staining it. I am sure you would want to sit on these benches forever.
  • Add lovely colours and hangings to the play house in your outdoor area. Kids will love the new looking play house and thank you for it.

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8. Redesign the old wardrobe to mutate your bedroom

Wardrobe is a furniture which is not replaced frequently. Some of the tips below can help you to alter the old wardrobe to a modish piece.

  • For a wardrobe which requires no modification with space, painting it with gloss finish and adding embellishment or embroidery or design patterns can do wonders.
  • Use fabric patterns and contrast colours to bring in charm on furniture. Paint the wardrobe knobs and wardrobe with coordinating colours.
  • For a wardrobe with no built-in mirror, add a new mirror to give a brand new look altogether.
  • Use monogram prints or your kid’s favourite cartoon themed prints on wardrobe – Simple changes can do magic for any makeovers.

9. Decorate the old mirror to sparkle your interiors

Mirror is an essential entity in both public and private places. Take a quick look at some of the innovative ideas, to convert an old lifeless mirror to a dazzling new looking mirror.

  • Keep the frame colour nude and bedazzle the mirror with flowers and jewels all over. This piece is sure going to be a head turner in your room.
  • Use Plaster of Paris to make roses using cake moulds. Stick it on the mirror frame and colour it – to give a vintage effect. Plaster of Paris is affordable and dries quickly and hence, this – Do it yourself – shouldn’t take you much time.
  • For a boring mirror frame, stick a collage of pictures all over. This can be a perfect way to recall wonderful memories with your loved ones, while you look into the mirror.
  • Upcycle an inexpensive door mirror to a glamorous wall mirror by adding metal finishing frame and geometric metal patterns.

10. Transfer boring furniture into colourful ingenuity

Colours on furniture can instantly brighten up interiors. Pick up any furniture lying in your storeroom to give it a touch of creativity. Furniture can be a table, bar cart, armchair, tea stand, shoe rack, organisers, anything or everything for that matter. Here are some ideas to makeover old unused furniture to new looking gear.

  • Use Polka dots or metal paint to spruce up the dreary bar cart. Definitely a way to flaunt your cute bar cart in front of your family or friends while serve a glass of wine.
  • Revamp the outdated bookcase by adding colourful paints and designs. Simplest and easier way to add vogue is to keep the dark wood on top and paint the inner compartments. This one is absolutely a trouble-free makeover.
  • Paint an old nightstand to transform it to a little kitchen for your little daughter. Paint the wood pink and draw stove burners on top of it. The little compartment below can be used as the storage for play foods and dishes.
  • A little white paint is all you need to transform a cheap old table to an eye-catching table for your living room or bedroom or bathroom. To add some classical touch, decorate the table with beautiful vase and fresh flowers or an elegant bed lamp. Check out Pepperfry to explore lovely collections of bed lamps.

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Well, if you have no time for Do it yourself ideas, do not worry. We have a solution for every problem!

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