Go Drab to Fab with these 3 DIY Home Décor Ideas

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Many people are under the impression that redecorating your home takes a lot of time and money. While we all have a tight schedule, recycling could be a simple way to escape spending too much while saving a lot of time.

Be it an old CD, some cutlery or even a light bulb that is probably going to find its place in the trash, these articles can be recycled and made into something very useful and decorative. So if you’re up for some décor any time soon, these 3 easy yet brilliant DIYs can definitely find a place in your home.

Used Bulbs Oil Lamps

Light Bulb Oil Lamp DIY @TheRoyaleIndia

The last thing in your trash that you would think about recycling is a light bulb. Believe it or not, a bulb can be used almost infinite times to light your house. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at this simple and mind-blowing DIY and you’ll agree.

What you need:

  1. Paraffin oil

  2. A wick

  3. Two burned out light bulbs


  1. Remove the entire base of the bulb, except for the small black piece of glass

  2. Pry the base away from the glass with a box cutter

  3. Use a screwdriver to carefully break the glass holding the filament

  4. Clean up the sharp edges

  5. Place the bulb on a holder and pour some paraffin oil in it

  6. Take a wick, put it across the hole of the base, put the base back on the bulb like a lid

Old CD Mosaic Mirror Frame

Mosaic Mirror DIY @TheRoyaleIndia

Just like tape recorders, CDs are slowly dwindling in usage, and soon they will become extinct. However, the old CDs that you have but don’t use, do not need to go in the trash. What you could do is, crush them into tiny pieces and make a piece of art! Here’s how you make a mosaic mirror.

What you need:

  1. A couple of old CDs

  2. A simple mirror of any shape you like

  3. Strong adhesive

  4. Cardboard

Make A Mosaic Mirror @TheRoyaleIndia


  1. Crush the CD into pieces as tiny as possible

  2. Take a huge cardboard, almost twice the size of your mirror

  3. Place the mirror in the center of the cardboard and draw an outline of the mirror, cut excess cardboard

  4. Glue the crushed CD pieces on the cardboard carefully outside the outline

  5. Let it dry, use a powerful adhesive and stick the mirror on the cardboard inside the frame

  6. Leave it to dry for a couple of hours and your fancy mirror is ready to flatter your wall!

Spoon & Fork Hooks

spoon and fork hooks diy @TheRoyaleIndia

Spoons and forks are only used for eating? I beg to differ. Here’s a DIY that’ll prove how.

What you need:

  1. 3-4 old spoons or forks, preferably thin stainless steel ones

  2. A wooden plank

  3. Drilling machine

  4. Some bolts and a hammer


  1. Bend a spoon from the middle by placing a rod and hammering the spoon to get a roundish hook

  2. Drill a hole on the upper half of the bent spoon

  3. Hammer it onto the wooden plank with a bolt

  4. Follow the same process for the rest of the spoons or forks and its ready!

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