DIY Foot Scrubs for Monsoon

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Maintain your feet them in the pink even in the monsoons by pampering them with these simple household feet rub recipes. These homemade foot scrubs effectively keep your feet free from infections and treat cracked heels too!!

Do the damp clammy dress and wet tresses make you feel awful during monsoons? But that is not all; even your feet experience the most hardships too, all through rainy season. If overlooked, damp and dirt laden feet can lead to fungal diseases like ring worms, inflammation and flaking of the skin.

Pay extra attention to your feet during this monsoon by these DIY foot scrubs which exfoliate the dead skin cells and impurities logged in them. But prior to exfoliation of feet, immerse them in tepid water for some time to soften the skin and help the dirt to loosen up as well. After which, you can try these homemade scrubs and pamper your feet to the core.

Exfoliate with Essential Oils

Exfoliate with Essential Oils @TheRoyaleIndia

Not only exfoliate but also refresh your feet with a scrub made of one cup of crude sea salt or Epsom salt with one spoon of lemon zest and a small amount of drops of lime essential oil. Use it twice a week for best results.

Rub with Honey

Rub with Honey @TheRoyaleIndia

An equally magical foot scrub can be made with two spoons of ground oatmeal, one spoon of honey, lime, olive oil each and two spoons of brown or standard sugar. Lightly rub in this blend on to your feet and watch how silky and supple your feet become.

Combine with Brown Sugar

Combine with Brown Sugar @TheRoyaleIndia

Rub your feet with a mix one and a half spoon of brown sugar, one spoon of baking soda and olive oil. Do it regularly and you will find your feet well geared to tackle the rain muck?

Immerse in Tea bags

Immerse in Tea bags @TheRoyaleIndia

Immerse a small amount of tea bags in lukewarm water, add small drop of both of mint oil and any antiseptic liquid. Dip your feet in the mix for good 15-20 minutes. The tannic acid in tea leaves does not only eradicate germs but seals open pores too.

Moisturize with Olive Oil

Moisturise with Olive Oil @TheRoyaleIndia

A rub made by blending half a cup of olive oil or baby oil with one cup of sugar is a wonderful moisturizer. Apply it and rub gently on your feet and as you do watch how the dull and parched skin gets polished.

Dip your feet in Milk

Dip fee in Milk @TheRoyaleIndia

Blend a cupful of milk and one dollop of shampoo in tepid water and immerse your feet in the mix. Milk’s lactic acid will aid in the release the dull skin cells.

Soak your feet in a baking soda-vinegar mix

Soak feet in a baking soda vinegar mix @TheRoyaleIndia

Soak your feet in tub of lukewarm water with a dollop of baking soda, vinegar and honey. Baking soda and vinegar is a time tried and tested combination for its antiseptic properties.

Follow these simple and lukewarm foot dips with an exfoliating home-based foot scrub to do away with the dull skin cells. If you want to do a thorough job of cleaning your feet, use a pumice stone or a soft toothbrush on the obstinate areas of your feet. Once through, do rinse well with water and moisturize them well too.

Go feet-licious this monsoon!

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