3 DIY Candle Ideas to Light up Your Home This Festive Season

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While Diwali is just around the corner, I am sure you must be looking for innovative ways to celebrate this festival of lights. Sweets, rangoli, crackers, home decoration and yes mesmerising lightings (in fact for me, twinkling lights come even before the best of sweets) makes Diwali the most gorgeous day of the entire year (and for some the most awaited one).

To bring home this festival of light; we all do multiple rounds of shopping to get the best of decorative and lightings. But the creative ones amongst us try their hands at crafting different types of candles and lights with simple things. This year instead of getting it from the market, why not give it a try yourself.

We have also rounded up 3 DIY candles that you can make at home and that too with little labour:


Yes, you heard it right! We are going to prepare interesting looking wax candles using ice cubes.

What do you need – cardboard container, old candles, wicks, waterproof glue and pencil.

ice candles requirements @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: gsheller.com

  • Nicely smash a few old candles in a plastic bag

  • Now take an old milk carton and after thoroughly cleaning it, attach the wick to its base using the glue

  • Use a double boiler to melt wax and when it is in molten state, add a few ice cubes to the carton followed by the molten wax

  • Now simply let it sit for a couple of hours (till then you can try your hand the other candles too)

  • Throw the water that comes to the top of the wax

  • Also, remove the carton

ice candles @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: hellonatural.co

I am pretty sure you will be amazed at how such a simple procedure with normal ice cubes can give such a distinct character to the candles.


ballon candles wax @TheRoyaleIndia

I might be sounding insane to say that candles can be made using balloons, but trust me; you can make your very own balloon candles that too with utmost perfection.

What do you need – balloons, paraffin wax, double boiler and a cookie sheet.

  • Melt the wax in a double boiler (180 degree Fahrenheit) and ensure that the wax has melted completely

  • Fill a balloon with lukewarm water and slowly dip it into the wax just below the water level (if you don’t want the balloon to pop, do not dip it past the water level)

  • Allow a few seconds before dipping it again

  • Keep repeating the procedure a couple of times (till you get a half to one-fourth inch thick layer of wax on the balloon)

  • When the wax completely cools down, pop the balloon over a sink and throw away the balloon shards

  • Now it’s time for a little finishing, heat a cookie sheet and smooth –out the uneven edges

  • Now place a tea light inside this luminary and let it spell its magic beans

ballon candles @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: brit.co

When your guests ask you from where did you get such beautiful candles, just shrug your shoulder and say, “I made it at home using balloons”.


This clean and crisp looking candle can be made with the broken crayons of your little one.

What you will need – Dixie Cups (microwave safe), wax, crayons, wicks, votives, popsicle sticks and microwave.

crayon candle procedure @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: brit.co

  • Microwave a small amount of wax in a Dixie cup and pour a thin layer in the bottom of the votive

  • Now place a candle wick in the centre and leave it to cool and harden

  • Take some wax in a Dixie cup and place crayons of your choice on top of it

  • Microwave till it melts

  • Ensure that the wick stays in place

  • Keep your votive tilted to attain diagonal layers

  • Pour the coloured wax and let it dry for half an hour

  • Now turn the votive around and pour the next layer to get yet another angled layer

  • After half an hour place the votive flat and pour the third coloured wax

  • Let everything harden up for an hour

  • You can light the candle now

colourful crayon candles @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: brit.co

You can create diagonal layers or horizontal ones, depending upon your preference. But keep in mind to use contrast colours for maximum effect.

Go creative and colourful this festive season!

PS: Start early especially if you are trying something creative for the first time to avoid any panic attack.

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