Discover India on Wheels (5 Breathtaking Road Trips)

April 1, 2015 Discover India on Wheels (5 Breathtaking Road Trips) @TheRoyaleIndia 1682 0 0

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Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination. Road trips totally endorse this statement. Find yourself amidst the joy of travelling offbeat and explore the celebration of life across different places. That’s the essence of a road trip. It’s measured not in miles but in smiles it brings in to your lives when you look back on the priceless moments of fun and adventure. For a country as diverse as India, it comes as no surprise that you are spoilt for choices when it comes to road trip options. We present our top 5 picks from the most amazing and enthralling road trips that will carve a special place in your memories.

1. Manali – Leh

Leh Ladakh Bike Trip @TheRoyaleIndia

An unforgettable journey that takes you through the mesmerizing snow clad mountains and valleys and has in store for you the most picturesque locations that will leave an everlasting impression on your soul. The entire journey can be covered comfortably in 2 days with an overnight stay for adequate rest. Travel this road to experience adrenaline rush of driving through a challenging terrain and high altitude passes

Distance: 475 kms

On the road: 2 days

Best Time to travel: June – September

Modes of transport – Bike(Every bikers dream road trip), Jeep, Cycle

2. Mumbai – Goa

mumbai-goa @TheRoyaleIndia

A fun trip with friends or a romantic drive with your loved one, this road trip is simply a pleasure. As much as you would like to party on the beaches in Goa, the road that leads to it is equally worth enjoying.Take NH17 that runs parallel to Western Coast of the country and soak yourself in the beautiful surroundings. Tickle your taste buds with local delicacies along the way. Being a busy highway, it has a lot of options to take food breaks or rest.

Take a pit stop at Chiplun which is almost mid-way between Mumbai and Goa. A happy confluence of traditions and cultures is an instant take away from this road trip. And do not miss traversing the 130 kms beautiful coastline in Goa from Mandrem to Polem.

Distance: 601 kms

On the road: 2 days

Best Time to travel: October- March

Modes of transport – Bike, Car

3. Guwahati – Tawang

Guwahati-Tawang @TheRoyaleIndiaaleId

Words are just not enough to express the pristine beauty of the North-East. This road trip originates in the capital city of Assam and leads you to the most serene and blissful monastery in India.Take this trip for its unparalleled beauty, breathtaking valleys and marvellous waterfalls that leave you simply stunned.It is a rough terrain out there but a pit stop along the way is all you need to get all charged up for this journey. Experience divinity as you hear the monks pray while you enjoy yourself in the lap of nature.

Distance: 521 kms

On the road: 2 days

Best Time to travel: March- October

Modes of transport – Jeep, Car

4. Delhi – Ranthambore

Delhi – Ranthambore @TheRoyaleIndia

Originating from the capital city, this road trip will lead you to the land of roaring tigers.

There are different routes to get here either via the state highway or the National Highway NH8.The fun part is to keep asking for directions along the road to be sure you are following the correct route. As the route passes through several small villages, you’ll experience the life of these people along the way. Stop at Jaipur or at the Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary and gear up to meet the tiger at Ranthambore.

Distance: 396 kms

On the road: 7-8 hours

Best Time to travel: October- June

Modes of transport – Bike, Jeep, Car

5. Bengaluru – Coorg

Bengaluru – Coorg @TheRoyaleIndia

An activity rich road trip, this one is sure to be an enriching experience. This journey takes you through hilly terrains, city roads, off roads and is every inch a beauty. Lush green fields to palatial man made structure, this route offers it all. Stop at Mysore before you move on to experience the pristine beauty in Coorg. The route from Mysore to Coorg is characterized by wild forest cover and coffee, tea and spice plantations.

Give a visit to the elephants at the Kabini Forest Reserve before you conclude this rejuvenating experience.

Distance: 250 kms

On the road: 6-7 hours

Best Time to Travel: October- June

Modes of Transport – Bike, Jeep, Car

An open mind is all you need for a road trip . Live wild and Feel free. Pack your bags as light as you can, fuel up the tanks capacity and off you go to experience an adventure and thrill that only these trips can offer!

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