7 Tips that’ll Breathe New Life In to Your Dining Room

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I am sure you must have read our numerous articles on home decor, wallpapers and dining table etiquettes. In this article we are gonna talk about how you can revamp your dining room.

A dining room is basically all about crowding a group of friends sharing laughter around a table along with mouth-watering delights as well as fine wine. However, for this, you need to create the right atmosphere. This room is so important yet so simple that people often tend to forget that this place too needs little tweaking to keep it interesting. If you want to spill the magic beans in your dining area without spending a fortune, just read this article to the end and we have some tips that can come really handy.

We have summed up 7 tips that can help you create magic in your dining area:

1. The Sunshine Kiss

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Place your dining table close to windows, you will just love the warmth of the sneaking sunshine. Apart from providing vitamin D, the niggling sunlight will fill your heart with a feeling of joy and positivity. Also, this natural light can be a great way to help you cut on those heavy electricity bills.

2. Add Some Drama With Light

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It can be a great idea to have chandelier hanging right on top of the dining table. Apart from providing the right illumination, it also sets the mood right. Try adding a beautiful crystal or dome shaped chandelier or small lights in an interesting pattern to your dining area and observe the difference it can bring to your life.

3. Choose The Right Table

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Invest some time to find out what size and style will work for your space and taste. You can give those age-old heavy furniture a break and go for some funky styles and bright colours. Considering mismatched chairs can make your dining area more casual and inviting. If you stay in a joint family or have frequent visitors, then investing in a larger dining table is worth (of course if your space permits).

4. L-Shaped Corner Bench

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If your dining area is not that big, but you wish to accommodate more people, then you must buy an L-shaped corner bench. It not only allows more people to dine together in a smaller area, but also looks interesting.

5. Splash Some Colours

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Such an important part of the house where everyone sits together and eats together should never be left boring.

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You must add a fascinating appeal to the entire look by either painting the room in a darker shade and using neutral curtains or using bright curtains on neutral walls. Either way, the key here is to splash some colours around.

6. Colourful Crockery

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Bring more colours to your otherwise plane dining table by using colourful and interesting crockery. Nowadays you can easily find such beautiful crockery in the market, and the best thing is that it’s pretty economical than your glass ones. Even the food looks more appealing in beautiful dishes.

7. Wall Decor

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Apart from classic or contemporary wallpapers and wall decals, you can also try painting your old photo frames in different colours or put your old plate to some good use by showcasing them proudly in your dining area. This can surely be your next masterpiece.

Revamping your dining area doesn’t mean throwing away the old dining table and getting a new one. It doesn’t always have to be an expensive affair. By keeping these little things in mind, you can add elements of fun and warmth to this family space.

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