7 Stylish Ways To Wear Your Tights This Winter

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Summer has already kissed us farewell and winter is spread all around the globe. Most of the people wait for this season to get their best clothes out to keep their bodies warm. It is time for you to pull all those woolen clothes, socks and overcoats from your wardrobe, to keep yourself warm enough during this season.

But wait a minute… are you really planning to stuff yourself with different clothes, without paying any attention to stay updated with the latest fashion trends? If you are replacing that ice-cream cone with a cup of hot chocolate and the sunscreen lotion with a nice creamy moisturizer, then why not replace the summer pants with sexy tights?

But what can I wear on something that’s so tight and fit?’

No doubt short tops won’t go well with such body-hugging tights, but you can always sum it up with something that not only makes you look beautiful, but also slim-enough. In this article we have rounded up 7 ways of wearing tights this winter:

1. Show Some Love For Shorts

Tights with shorts @TheRoyaleIndia

Summers are for shorts and winters are for jackets….” Give this stereotype a break by wearing your summer shorts over thick black, white, printed or patterned tights for that fashionable look. The best part here is that you can rely on your tights to keep you amazingly warm.

2. Time For Some Denim Love

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You know what’s the best thing about wearing slacks during winters? You don’t need to throw away your pretty and short denim skirt or shorts! You can always wear sexy tights below a beautiful short skirt or shorts and flaunt your very own style!

3. Wearing Skirts For Winters

Tights with skirt @TheRoyaleIndia

Be it for a big-date or a casual outing with friends, we girls simply love our skirts. And dumping them in the closet is one such heart-breaking thing for us. So, ladies don’t go the hard way, simply get nice tights and wear them under your pleated, A-line or flared skirts. Rock it the way you like!

4. Team It Up With a Short Dress

Tights with short dress @TheRoyaleIndia

With winters setting-in, we often bid a good-bye to our short and chic dresses. But do you really need to do this, is the real question. Even during winter season you can always wear a short dress to your friend’s party, but the key here is to wear it with thick tights that will keep you warm and make you look like a fashionista.

5. Wear Them To Work, Know How?

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During winters do you often get bored of wearing the same old coats and trousers to work? Well give it a break and pull that formal skirt and shirt out of your closet and wear thick black tights to not just keep warm but also look sharp. Ok, so when you are looking hot, you really cannot blame your colleagues if they turn their heads again and again, just to get a glimpse of you.

6. Pair It Up With Oversized Tunics

Tights with tunic @TheRoyaleIndia

If you are to attend a casual function or meet friends for a lunch, why not ditch your overcoats, and wear something charming? Try wearing nice bright colored tights under an oversized white colored tunic and let people wonder where you’ve got those lovely bottoms from! You can always ‘top the outfit’ with a nice blue colored shawl or scarf!

7. Coat It Up

Tights with coat @TheRoyaleIndia

Well investing in a good coat is worth every penny spent. You can choose from blazers, trench coats, pea coats, capes or even fur coats to not just look great but also stay comfortable and warm. Browsing online for the trendiest coats on Jabong can be a time-saving idea, and if you check-out the best offers on Couponraja the chances are you could save far more than what you expected.

So, now you know why women are going GAGA over tights. Just team it up right and you are good to rock anytime anywhere!!

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