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Diamonds are the precious gemstones known in India roughly about 6000years ago. Diamond is one of the hardest materials of the universe and is used to cut many hard metals. Though it is known to be the hardest gemstone, one can easily shatter it with a hammer & hence this gem needs to be handled with all the love and care. Diamond is also known to be the most resistant gem since its melting point is 55 hundred degrees.

Kohinoor Diamond is one of the most popular diamonds which was found in Kollur Mine – Guntur – Andhra Pradesh -India. ‘Koh-I-Noor’ meaning – ‘Mountain of Light’ – Kohinoor Diamond is large, fine white colour and was first owned by kakatiya dynasty and later was possessed by Queen Victoria and now a part of British crown jewels. It is also a myth that this gem should be worn only by women and not the men. The women tend to become more powerful on wearing the Kohinoor diamond while it can bring an unfortunate end to the men.

Some of the most expensive and famous diamonds are: The Heart of Eternity, The Centenary, The Golden Jubilee, The Sancy, The Regent, The Taylor Burton, The Krupp, The Blue Hope Diamond, The Koh –I-Noor, The Cullinan etc. These expensive diamonds also come in appealing colours like light blue, pale pink, light yellow, orange, vivid shades of green and brown and in different shapes and cuts like Brilliant, Heart, Princess, Emerald, Oval, Marquise and Peer etc.

Benefits of Wearing Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds are available in beautiful shapes & designs & hence used for embellishment. Sparkling Diamond is a sign of luxury & social status & it is certainly worth flaunting. Wearing diamond can work wonders & can significantly contribute to one’s success. Some of the benefits of wearing a diamond ring on the middle finger of your right hand are:

  • Knocks out negativity & Increases Confidence and generosity.

  • Enhances creativity and bestows success.

  • Elevates the social status.

  • Cures many diseases like diabetes, skin problems, sexual problems, infertility, urinary problems etc.

  • If the diamond suits you, it can bring you ‘Raj yog’ and you can have the most fortunate period in life.

For those people who are in the profession of creativity or entertainment, diamonds can considerably contribute to one’s success. The planet Venus is one of the brightest & sparkling the planets in the sky & hence the diamond is associated with planet Venus signifying the positive qualities like luxury, comfort, romance, love, wealth, prosperity, beauty, fame, pleasure etc.

Some of the superstitious beliefs say diamonds can bring good luck or bad luck depending on your zodiac sign. As per the astrology, the diamond is believed to be extremely lucky for Virgo and Librans. However, Aries, Pisces or Scorpions should refrain from wearing diamonds to avoid conflicts or tensions in life.

Sparkling diamonds are expensive & they add to your beauty. However, it is imperative to take care of these precious gemstones to keep it sparkling forever. We will help you with some of the tips to maintain and handle the diamonds.

How to treasure the effervescent diamonds?

  1. Diamonds are prone to scratches hence it is good to isolate the diamond jewellery from any other jewellery while storing it in the jewellery kit or pouch.

  2. Use the fabric linen multipurpose jewellery case to store the diamond jewellery. The diamonds are usually safe in the cloth compartments & can be safely isolated from other gemstones to avoid scratches.

  3. Wrapping the diamonds in the soft tissue paper individually will avoid any damage.

  4. The jewellery pouches could also be used to wrap the jewels individually.

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Handle Diamonds with all the extra care and love

  1. Avoid using the creams, lotions or any other oily products while wearing diamonds. Diamonds pile up the oil & grease easily and hence might lose the radiance.

  2. Refrain from wearing diamonds while doing household works, gardening or any other heavy lifting at gym; this can prevent chipping of the diamond or accumulation of dust on the diamonds.

  3. Avoid using sprays, perfumes or other cosmetics with chemicals while wearing diamonds. The chemicals can be harmful for the sparkling diamond.

  4. Ensure not to remove the rings near the sink to prevent them from draining off.

  5. Remove the diamond jewellery before taking the shower. The diamond may lose its radiance when the soap forms a layer on diamond.

  6. Refrain wearing diamond jewellery while swimming to avoid structural damage. The chlorine water is not metal and stones friendly and thus advisable to leave them at home to ensure safety.

  7. If your daily activities include a sport, better to leave the diamond jewellery at home before heading for the play. This might avoid the chances of losing earrings or pendants while playing your favourite sport.

  8. Keep an eye on the prongs and the stones, the prongs also tend to loosen with time and use and might need professional supervision.

Essentials for cleaning diamonds

It is important to clean the diamonds regularly to retain the sparkle and shine. Make it a routine to clean the diamond jewellery once or twice every week. Some of the easiest, safest & simplest methods of cleaning the diamond jewellery at home are:

  1. Make your own degreasing solution of water and very mild dish wash soap or a cup of hot water with 1 or 2 tablespoons of baking soda.

  2. Let the diamonds jewels like fingerings, earrings, pendants etc sit in the degreasing solution for about 20 to 40minutes.

  3. Use a clean and soft tooth brush or a clean makeup brush to gently remove the dirt from every nook and corner. Ensure not to scrub the diamonds forcefully. It is always better to reserve a clean brush solely for the cleaning purpose.

  4. Check the back of the jewellery to ensure there is no more dirt. Since the grim usually piles up at the back of the stone.

  5. Rinse of the jewellery and use a clean and soft cloth to gently pat it dry.

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Avoid using harsh chemicals like tooth paste, household cleaners, acid based detergents, bleach or other abrasives. Any substance with chlorine may damage the gold or the gemstone.

Visit a Professional at least once a year

If you notice any signs of damage in the diamond jewellery, it is best recommended to take it to the professional. Even otherwise, it is always good to visit a professional regularly to retain the radiance or sparkling diamonds forever.

Professionals use the Ultrasonic cleaner to clean the jewellery. This device removes the wadded dirt and crud, by sending low frequency sound waves via degreasing ammonia solution. Since it causes the vibration while cleaning, it is better to avoid the fragile jewels to avoid damage.

Before cleaning the diamond jewellery using the Ultrasonic cleaner, it is better to take professional advice, to ensure the jewellery is in a good state with no loose stones or prongs, in such cases the prongs or the stones can be tightened before dumping them for cleaning.

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Look after the diamond jewellery & flaunt them to add to your dazzling beauty & elegance!

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