Dharmendra – Action King: Comic leanings

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Dharam Singh Deol or as we popularly know him, Dharmendra was welcomed into the world on 8th of December in the year 1935. This veteran actor is an acclaimed Indian film actor, a genius producer and a reputed politician. He has been continuously contributing to the Indian Film Industry by donning multiple hats. For his immense efforts, he was rightfully awarded Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award in the year 1997. He has been a giant star who has been pivotal in changing the landscape of Hindi cinema altogether.

The smitten audience dotingly showered him with nicknames like “Action King” and “He-Man” majorly for his super hit roles in action movies. People were hooked to his fighting scenes. Dharamendra has bagged multiple hits on the box office, but one of the most loved movies of his is “Sholay” which was released in 1975 and became a cult classic for movie buffs. He gradually became the third hero of the Indian Film Industry who had highest grossing films to his name after the likes of Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bacchan. He was way ahead than Jeetendra and Devanand Saab who were quite popular with the public too. Although, Jeetendra was successful in delivering a total of 113 box office hits whereas our Dharmendra Paaji had a record of total 107 hit films on the box office.

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As far as his political career is concerned, he has been a member of 14th lok sabha of India. He has been a representative of the constituency of Bikaner in the state of Rajasthan in association with Bhartiya Janta Party or BJP. For his works, he was at last awarded the prestigious highest civilian honour Padma Bhushan by the government of India in 2012.

Life Before becoming Dharmendra

Our favourite hero Dharmendra was born as Mr. Dharam Singh Deol of Nasrali, a small village not far from the main city of Ludhiana, Punjab. Kewal Kishan Singh and Satwant Kaur were his proud parents and belonged to the Jat Sikh community. His ancestral roots are associated to a village of Dangon, near to Pakhowal of Ludhiana. He has true jat blood running down his veins which he was able to translate on the silver screen.

Dharmendra has been a village boy for most of his early life. He stayed and enjoyed a slow paced life at the village of Sahnewal. He received the education at Government Senior Secondary School at Lalton Kalan, Ludhiana. Interestingly, father of Dharmendra was posted in the same school as the headmaster. Fate took a fascinating turn after he completed his intermediate education from Ramgarhia College from the district of Phagwara in 1952. He came across an advertisement released by Bimal Roy and Guru Dutt for a Filmfare movie. The curiosity got the best of Dharmendra, and he marched to Malerkotla to get his portfolio made by Jaan Mohammed of John & Sons.

His Political Adventures

Due to his immense popularity that he has garnered owing to the successful film career he was chosen by Bhartiya Janta Party to represent Bikaner from the state of Rajasthan as a reputed member of the Indian Parliament. Albeit his reputation with the masses, he was able to garner a lot of flak for insisting on being elected as a “Dictator Perpetuo” since the voters need to learn basic set of etiquette that a democracy demands. He was not a frequent visitor for his lok sabha sessions either and chose to keep working for the film industry or tending plants at his farm instead. His tenure lasted for mere five years, i.e., 2004-2009

Peek at his Personal Life

Dharmendra Singh Deol has largely been a family man. His wedding with the Dream Girl, Hema Malini was nothing short of a fairy tale in a real-life breaking hearts of multiple ladies and gentlemen alike. But the controversies were not far off. Dharmendra was a married man when he tied the knot with Hema Malini, suggests the rumours. He was first married to Prakash Kaur when he was barely 19 years old in the year 1954. He had four kids with Prakash Kaur, Sunny, Bobby, Vijeeta and Ajeeta. It is being told that Dharmendra did not want to divorce Prakash and hence converted to Islam to stay married to two loves of his life. He has profusely denied any such allegations of converting to Islam against him and has shown utmost regard to his Jat background.

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Dharmendra along with his lucky charm, Hema Malini has been darling couple of the Indian Film Industry. They were seen together in a number of movies in early 1970s. Sholay was one of the biggest hits of their career where they portrayed the love interest of each other. From his marriage with Hema, he has two daughters, Esha and Ahana. None of his kids were able to match his stardom but were able to create a special place for them in the hearts of the cinematic audience. However, Esha and Ahana Deol are trained in classical dance and have staged mesmerising dance performances with their mother, Hema Malini.

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Dharmendra: Naturally Witty for Comedy

Dharmendra has been ruling hearts for more than 60 years now. The legendary superstar debuted with the film titled ‘Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere’ in the year 1960. That was just a start for this genius actor who went to give multiple memorable and iconic performances in his movies. He has been wildly appreciated for his acting skills at large. But he had no plans to start out as a movie actor, and neither had he desired to be one. He was just looking for a chance to share space at the silver screen to seen by the people of India. He wanted to be loved by the masses and wanted to live in hearts forever. He did not want to be a star that shines brightly but fade quickly to nothingness. He aspired to be an actor who can leave behind a legacy for others to follow. He wanted to prove his mettle through acting. He used to enjoy the leverage given to him during the comedy scene, and this is the time we saw Dharmendra evolving as a comic star from an action hero. As a matter of fact, he loved doing comic scenes but found tragic and melodramatic script to be easier to follow.

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For being natural as a comedy hero an actor needs to be witty. He regards his youthful days full of wit that helped him with his comic timings majorly. His early days when he used to be a village guy, he was famous as a mischievous lad. He was a paradox, his rustic roots made him shy and coy, but as an individual, he was witty and naughty to the core. He would blush when complimented on his physique or his charming looks. But his friends used to have a ball with him since he led them with his raw humour. He gives the credit of mining his talent for comedy to his directors who were able to see his potential and guided him for it.

He has loved the comedy scenes much more than doing romance with his beautiful lady actors on the screen. He enjoyed the freedom he got while doing the scenes and tried to make the best out of it. The most important factor while doing comedy is timing of the delivery of the dialogue and the spontaneity of the same. Dharmendra was known for bringing his own flair to the he game. He would add his own lines or his unique touch to the scene often at the last minute to create his magic he was famous for.

He believed that the best comic is the one who can play with the element of surprise. He worked with Mehmood in a wide array of movies from Neela Akash to Jugnu. Mehmood was famous for his spontaneity he brought at the sets. He was a maestro at improvising lines and the scenes at the last moment often making it difficult for his co-stars to react and follow the script. Dharmendra used to ask Mehmood to tell him the last word of his dialogues so that he can be prepared, but he used to twist the dialogues to bring his creativity, often leaving Dharmendra to just react on his impulse. The spontaneity often showed by Mehmood led him to be banned by others actor who feared his comic talent made them look inferior while being the protagonist of the movie. But Dharmendra never thought that an actor can be overshadowed by any other actor. He believed that only a character, dialogues, and scene is worthy enough to project the actor’s superior to one another.

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The most famous examples is the movie Sholay that became a cult classic for the movie lovers all around the world. The scriptwriter Salim-Javed hat are given the credit for the iconic dialogues of the movie did not write any special infliction on “ji” of “Main aa rahaa hoon, mausi-ji! The dialogue delivery of Dharmendra did wonders and added a much-needed touch of humour to his character. One such incident is from his another hit, “Mera Gaon Mera Desh” when the scene shows a meeting between him dressed as a saint and his lady love, Asha Parekh. The legendary dialogue, “Sona, yaane man ka chain khona” was his creative input to the script.

The recent addition to his list of the movies has been Yamla Pagla Deewana in which he has worked with his sons, Sunny and Bobby, essaying the same father-son relationship on the silver screen. The making of the movie itself has interesting twists and turns. The original movie was constructed around Sunny and Bobby with a title “Double Trouble.” But as the fate might have it the title of the movie was already registered by another producer who was not willing to give it up after a series of attempts. One fine day, Dharmendra casually joked about being the part of the dream project and renaming it as “Triple Trouble” because he had been longing to get in front of the camera after his last movie “Apne”. It was Sunny Deol, who got fixated on the idea of the comic trio of Deols. The new story that came up was better suited to the title “Yamla Pagla Deewana”. Yamla was the character of Dharmendra who was portrayed is devious guy with the traits of Casanova chap. Sunny was an idealist who is very emotional becomes the Pagla, Bobby was the youngest of the lot who was pampered a lot and fell in love madly. The movie revolves around getting the lovebirds married to each other and Sunny trying to reunite the long lost family. Yamla Pagla Deewana fared successfully on the box office and etched Dharmendra as a comic actor far beyond his years. He has mastered the impeccable sense of humour and timing which he is able to translate beautifully on the silver screen. He does not only live his roles but he brings them to life. The characters essayed by him remains in the heart of his audience forever, making him a legendary ruler of the Indian Film Industry.

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Lessons of Life- By Dharmendra

The realisation came very late to Dharmendra that growing old is not just a number, but it has more to do with your attitude, philosophy, and circumstances around you. You are as old as you want to be. Life is too short to be lived with regrets or doubts. But he has believed to make a few decisions he regrets that he would want others to avoid. Dharmendra is a name synonymous to hard work in the Indian Film Industry. He has worked double shifts for the past 20 years to complete his assignments without delay and move on to the next one. He has performed and taken up all kinds of movies to earn money and to stay in connection with his passion of acting. He reached to a level where he couldn’t say no to a project because he worshipped acting, thereby, taking a toll on his mental and physical health. Our favourite star has slogged day and night like a labourer. The regret comes by the fact he didn’t spend enough hours with his parents when they needed him. He is a doting son, and the knowledge of this makes it unbearable for him. He says every parent wants their kids to have a successfully bright career. They take pride in their accomplishments and want to show them off. They have no interest in their market worth or any material gains whatsoever. Their only desire is to spend some quality time with their children to cherish the bond between them. He takes immense pride that his sons, Sunny and Bobby, make it a point to spend time with him and their mother. They discuss their film projects with him, their achievements and future plans to make him feel a part of all of it. He feels blessed and thanks his kismet for the same. He believes this is the right way to live a life where one should spend time with his family and excel in his career, at the same time without compromising on any front.

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