D&G Spring Summer 2014: Blossoming Among the Ruins

September 24, 2013 D&G Spring Summer Collection-2014 @TheRoyaleIndia 465 0 0

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Dolce & Gabbana seemed to be saying, ‘If you got it flaunt it’, in their latest Spring Summer Collection loaded with gold coins. The treasury of Greek and Roman coins appeared in print on silk dresses and skirts, as tassels on bags and shoes or as ostentatious buckles on leather belts, or simply as jewelry.

Set against a backdrop of Almond trees, the designers took inspiration from Sicily in recent season. Already in the menswear shows for summer last June, Dolce & Gabbana featured Greek temples, which appeared again in the women’s collection for summer 2014. The collection oozed luxury from the dresses, skirts, and tunic-style tops  with ancient ruins and columns paraded down the runway, as did pieces printed with gold coins — that also appeared in the form of gladiator-style belts and dangling earrings — and blossoming flowers in reds, greens, and pinks. The accessories too channeled the ancient world; gilded sandals and flats clad with gold coins, heels featuring pillared columns, and ornately embellished platforms. Woven bags and wooden box clutches (again, decorated in the same motif) further emphasized Dolce & Gabbana’s vision of Sicily as the ideal getaway.

image source: www.vogue.co.uk

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