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I believe music is one of the greatest discoveries of the human kind in the history. It is a way of expressing one’s feelings and emotions without actually speaking about it. Music has found to give relief in pain and help to reduce the stress of the daily routine.

Devotion”, by another name is “Commitment or dedication” to some purpose. If you feel loyal and loving towards someone or something that is devotion. However, Devotion is usually associated with religious overtone, like prayer-songs, hymns, utterances etc. Due to base-nature of the sound on such chantings, they also give a very soothing effect and calms the wandering mind.

A natural human expression of Love and Joy in God or the Spirit is “Devotional Singing”. It acts as an antidote to fear, depression, anxiety and tension. It also opens up the heart and fills us with joy, peace and radiance.

Several people profess the benefits of music to heighten their spirituality. Every religion uses music in some form or the other to enhance the soul, whether it is the rhythmic chants from Buddhism or the devotional songs in Hinduism. Devotional singing, popularly known as bhajans, kirtanas, buddhist chants, prayers, etc…. is said to quiet the mind so the heart can open to the divine, allowing us to taste the blissful reality that is our true nature.

Music is recreational

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This helps us take break from monotony of everyday grind, and relaxes our nerves. Some prefer the melody of a flute or a harp, while few others might prefer a drum or trumpet. There is no right or wrong with the choice of music. One should stick to the genre/type that helps him enjoy the same.

Pick a song from your most preferred music cult, there you go.. that is recreational.

But, be mindful that while you enjoy do not let it translate as annoyance to your neighbors.

Listen – Enjoy – Relax

Do not blare the speakers

There could be babies, students, patients, and others trying to relax (at their own pace) as well

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Music is therapeutic

music therapeutic @TheRoyaleIndia

Science has given us enough evidence that musical notes has its own distinct psychological effect on emotions. Raga-Chikitsa is a branch of Ayurveda dedicated to music and its therapeutic abilities.

Raga chikitsa was an ancient manuscript, which dealt with the therapeutic effects of raga. The library at Thanjavur is reported to contain such a treasure on ragas, that spells out the application and use of various ragas in fighting common ailments

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This piece by the legend MSSubbalkshmi is adviced for patients suffering from High Blood Pressure. The raaga Kaapi, Anada Bhairavi is found to be therapeutic. It is an added advantage if one could find music, renderings in a language understood by the patient. Then, therapy merges with spiritual well being.

Music is inspirational

music inspirational @TheRoyaleIndia

 There are times when we are our best, and the things we do match no other. But, then again, there are also times when we feel the burden of the world around us, mentally and emotionally. At such times, music could raise our spirits.

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Music is sedative

music sedative @TheRoyaleIndia

By sedative, it lulls even the worst insomniacs to sleep. Sleep is the much needed cure for stressed out individuals. Most of the stress comes out from compensating on sleep. People tend to cut short on sleep to keep up with deadlines. While this might seem to increase efficiency in the beginning, it slowly starts to affect one’s performance. Given our lifestyle, we do not have the luxury of 8 hrs of sleep. But nevertheless, 5-6 hrs of sleep is demanded by the body. The best we can do is to be able sleep blissfully through this period, so that one wakes up fresh for a new set of challenges

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