Designer French Furniture for Pets

November 6, 2013 Designer French Furniture for Pets @TheRoyaleIndia 699 0 0

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Pets, whether cats or dogs are used to being pampered by their doting owners, groomed to perfection and adorned with luxury leashes and collars. Now they finally have the furniture to match. French producers of contemporary furniture for pets Chimère, have launched their debut collection of exquisitely designed pieces. Chimère, the brain child of Frédéric Stouls and designer Marc Ange have taken design for pets to a new stratosphere. Subverting the idea that pet furniture is purely functional, the collection comprise of astoundingly beautiful pieces for dogs, cats, birds, fish and even rabbits, is nothing short of art.

There are range of innovative furniture like the sofa which looks like a retro-style television on short wooden legs and comes in different sizes with customised finishes and a birdcage on stilts is crafted from aluminium and oak. There are also lacquered litter box for cats, a minimalist bell-shaped fish bowl, a sofa lined with specialty textiles from Denmark, according to the company’s website.

Would you get one for your pet?

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