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Jeans are a go to wardrobe essential during those fat, I-don’t-look-good-in-anything, I-don’t-have -anything-to-wear days. The scruffy ones you have owned since college (and if you still fit into them, please note we at The Royale hate you) are the best things since nutella chocolate chip cookies sandwich. Sure denim has been around for ages and there is no way this essential is going out of style EVER; much like the seasons in our country, the jeans and the fabric changes in style every now and then. So yes ladies and gentlemen, denim is back in 2015 and I am not sure if the world is ready to let go of it.


Denim Gowns @TheRoyaleIndia

You never thought this was possible, did you? But you never thought we could land a machine on a comet too, so it’s the same thing. Denim formal maxi dresses and gowns are all the rage.

Katty Perry VMA 2014 @TheRoyaleIndia

Katy Perry at the VMA 2014, anyone? Valentino jumped on this bandwagon by combining two of the most popular trends of this year- denim and lace.

At Work

Denim At Work @TheRoyaleIndia

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Yes this gets surprising with every point, but denim has become one of the go to fabrics for work outfits as well. Sure it is blended with other fabrics but majority is denim. Louis Vuitton’s take on denim formal trousers were showcased on the runway as were formal denim pencil skirts.

All Denim Outfits

All Denim Outfit @TheRoyaleIndia

Because denim has become such a rage, it is not surprising to see people clad in denim from head to toe or rather from neck to ankles. A pair of well fitting dark jeans with a loose light blue denim shirt screams #lunchwiththeladies as does a denim skirt paired with a white top and denim jacket.


Boho Denim @TheRoyaleIndia

We have always associated the 70’s with the boho chic look and since the 70’s are back….. do the maths.

bohemian denim @TheRoyaleIndia

The denim boho look is trending as we speak with flair denim high waisted jeans or a loose mid length denim skirt and equally lose denim blouse.


Denim Accessories @TheRoyaleIndia

If you don’t like denim especially for this weather but desperately want to be in the IT books, then jump on this ship with denim accessories. Denim backpacks, denim slings and even denim shoes are in currently.


Denim Jeans @TheRoyaleIndia

You actually thought we will end the topic without talking about what is happening in your favourite clothing world? Well flare jeans are back- whether high waisted or low waisted, it does not matter. Denim palazzos and short lose jeans have made a comeback as well and boy do they look this weather appropriate.

We are sure you have enjoyed this highly enlightening piece on denim and its uses outside of the realm of jeans. We imagine that Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears are currently texting each other “who is laughing now, bi&^%es!?”

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