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Delhi – the capital city of our glorious country and also its historical and political hub. Right from the advent of time, Delhi was highly sought after by all. This city is also deeply seeped in history and culture. From the Delhi Sultanate, to the Mughals, to the British- each empire has added a bit of its culture to this multicultural and vastly diverse city. Another thing these said regimes imbibed in Delhi were their rich food cultures and tastes. Delhi, today, remains the food capital of the country as it presents a lavish array to every foodie – sweet, sour, spicy, and everything in between. So here are a few must visit food havens in Delhi which would be a sin to miss.


Murg Makhani one of the yummiest Mughlai dishes served at Karim's, Delhi @TheRoyaleIndia

Karim’s : Here is a chance to dip your taste buds into real Mughlai cuisine. It is rumored that the chefs can trace their genealogy to the original chefs who cooked for the Mughal emperors. Savory kebabs, aromatic curries and melt-in-your-mouth biryanis await you in Karim’s.

Sin to Miss : Tandoori Burra, the Shahjahani Murgh, the Nargisi Kofta, and the Seekh Kababs

Gali Parathe Wali

Kaju Badam, Aloo, Parathas at Gali Parathe Wali, Delhi @TheRoyaleIndia

Gali Parathe Wali : This one is a must visit for every foodie, especially if you happen to be a paratha lover. Ranging from everything from the classic aloo ka paratha to the more unusual paneer or dal parathas, every dish is delectable. And if you find the food a bit greasy, you can always wash it down with a cool glass of lassi.

Sin to Miss : Kaju-Badam paranthas


Sikandari Raan is a sin to miss cuisine at Bukhara, Delhi @TheRoyaleIndia

Bukhara : Bukhara, with its much- sought after kebabs is always on the foodie’s list. Its amazing reputation lies in the fact that it is a famous haunt of international celebrities – Bill Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mick Jagger- the list is endless. If you are in Delhi, and looking for good food, Bukhara is the place to go to.

Sin to Miss : Sikandari Raan

Chawri Bazaar

Spicy and Tasty Raj Kachori served at Chawri Bazaar, Delhi @TheRoyaleIndia

Chawri Bazaar : This place is the hub of Delhi street food. Even after not taking the food in consideration, Chawri Bazaar is worth visiting. Unrivaled anywhere in India for the simply lip smacking chaat, this place is the ultimate street food destination.

Sin to Miss : the Dahi Bhalle and the Kachori


Rasmalai Haldiram's, Delhi @TheRoyaleIndia

Haldirams : For your all in all culmination to the Delhi food exposure, Haldiram is the niche to go to. They offer a wide range of mithais, namkeens and other assorted snacks to every palate. With excellent food quality and dependability, Haldirams never fails to impress.

Sin to Miss : Raj Kachori and the Rasmalai

So, there you go – the best, finest and choicest food paradise in Delhi. What are you waiting for? Dig in!

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