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Deepika Padukone is the cynosure of all eyes in Bollywood and out of it. What makes her so special? What had she done to grab her debut movie opposite King Khan? Despite of some of her Bollywood duds like Kartik Calling Kartik, Chandini Chowk To China, Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se and others why do we all still love her? We would like to think that it is her effervescent personality, dimpled smile, confident attitude and stylish dressing. Today, we talk about her dressing and how it has inspired many teeny-boppers and corporate women alike to dress like her.

It is correctly said that a lot goes into the dress of an actor, especially the female lead. The dress, make-up, hairstyle and accessories is a package which needs to be flawless to make the actor look like a million dollar and blend in perfectly with the role that she/ he is portraying. It definitely is the costume designer that has a large part in chalking out an actor’s on-screen character by the dressing but the success largely lies on how the actor carries it. This crucial element makes or breaks the persona of the role she/he is depicting. A dress worn by an actor can look fabulously fashionable whereas the same dress worn by another actor can be a perfect recipe for disaster. The attire depends on the confidence of the actor wearing it.

We support Deepika on the recent Twitter controversy that has flared up the media wherein she makes a point of women being comfortable in their own skin. This speaks volumes about her thinking which is clear in the way she poses confidently for magazine shoots, calendar shoots, etc. Every word that she said in the letter addressed to the media as a reaction made perfect sense. No doubts that the content was viral-worthy.

If we see the history of Deepika’s styling, she has never had a bad-dressing and a bad-hair day, on-camera and off it.

Therefore we discuss and track this 10-movie old actor’s dressing style in Bollywood.

Om Shanti Om

deepika padukone om shanti om @TheRoyaleIndia

Bubbly, charming and lovable. Yes that describes her role in her debut movie as she perfectly fits into the role in spite of being a newcomer. Her styling in this SRK-Arjun Rampal starrer was done collectively by Karan Johar, Manish Malhotra & Sanjeev Mulchandani, all of who took great care to perfectly model her as a college going youngster in the start to a Hema Malini-inspired look in the climax. Her height definitely works in her favour, every single time.


deepika padukone cocktail @TheRoyaleIndia

Move on to 2012, the urbane role of Veronica wouldn’t have been the same if not for her clothes that matched her character in all aspects. The confidence with which she essayed her role and carried her attitude was reflected in the way she dressed. The carefree and classy b***h could easily wear hot pants in one shot, a long-slit skirt in another and a salwar kameez in the next. We would like to believe that the scene where she only wears the oversized boyfriend-shirt could not have been portrayed so effortlessly if it was not her.

Finding Fanny

deepika padukone finding fanny @TheRoyaleIndia

More recently, this slice-of-life movie by Homi Adajania captured Deepika in free-flowing Goan dresses that fused with her character naturally. The floral prints, the feminine cuts on her svelte figure and the bare-it-all scene where she is scantily clothed could make anyone jealous. At times, she easily passed off as a sensual even in a not-so-pretty printed frock. Attitude is that makes all the difference for her. For how else do you justify her fierce response to the outcry she created on social media; for a good reason that is!

Happy New Year

deepika padukone happy new year @TheRoyaleIndia

For her upcoming movie, directed by Farah Khan, this sultry siren dons various avatars and therefore undergoes quite a few costume changes. Looks like this glamorous diva is all set to kill us with her beautiful self and perfect dressing in this Diwali bound release. We hope that this mature and self-confident actress does not disappoint us.

Ms. Padukone looks the same as she used to when she entered the Hindi film industry and we would like to think that a part of the reason is that she has not gone under the knife (hopefully) and maintained a healthy lifestyle. Her beauty lies in her personality as she looks every inch beautiful even without make-up and a messy bun to go on a LBD. We are sure that she will look even more beautiful as she ages because the elegance of a dress is enhanced when she dons it and the aura is felt by everyone around her.

deepika pic credit rohan shreshta @TheRoyaleIndia

She definitely proves the phrase, ‘It is less about the dress you are wearing and more about how are carrying it’ to be true.

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