Dangal- Bringing You the Rustic Mitti Ki Khushboo from Akhadas in Haryana!

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While some wait for Diwali or the mangoes to hit the markets, there are a few who patiently wait for the perfectionist to unveil his masterpiece. Yes, you’ve guessed it right. We’re talking about Aamir Khan and all the Dangal he’s been making along with the two young, unbeatable guns playing the Phogat sisters. Directed by Nitesh Tiwari, the story is based on the life of a former wrestler, Mahavir Singh Phogat, who trains his daughters to take over the Akhadas.

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Nitesh Tiwari gave the world ‘Nil Battey Sannata’ in 2015 and this year’s Dangal has raised the bar. After a lot of mainstream commercial rom-com cinema, Dangal brings you the rustic ‘Mitti Ki Khushboo’ from the Akhada in Haryana. The movie begins with Mahavir who dreamt of winning gold in wrestling but fails to do so. He decides to pass on the dream to his son but is disappointed when his wife gives birth to four daughters. To book your tickets without standing in long queues at the booking counter, do not forget to check out the latest Bookmyshow offers.

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From his belief about how women can’t wrestle to having two daughters who won Gold and Silver each, the movie is a beautiful commemoration; celebrating strength and breaking stereotypes too. Geeta won her Gold at the 2010 Commonwealth Games; the movie reminds the world of her glorious victory this December.

Coming from a state like Haryana where women are treated secondary to men and have no power over their bodies or themselves, Geeta Phogat’s story is undoubtedly the one that the world needs to hear. Belonging to a family where Mahavir, her father believes that his wrestling dream failed since he didn’t have a son; one small incident changes their life for the better.

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Geeta portrayed by Fatima Sana Shaikh, and Babita Kumari portrayed by Sanya Malhotra do justice to the characters as well as the sport. These fresh faces made sincere efforts on screen, and Aamir Khan compensates for everything else. He has received appreciation for his transformation from the grizzly bear like body to a fit wrestler. Aamir Khan is the classic character in the movie, reinforcing his perfectionist label yet again.

dangal movie review @TheRoyaleIndia

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The actors were trained in wrestling to make the scenes look realistic, and they surely do. From nuanced wrestling techniques to the tiny details of the game, Dangal gives you another sport to fall in love with. The accuracy and charm that it brings will unquestionably help with making it more attractive.

A perfect blend of drama and action, a story that begins with an underdog and makes you want to walk out with your head held high as you watch Geeta on the big screen wrestle her way to the much-deserved Gold. The movie is an autobiography of the Phogat family, a story about breaking the age-old male dominance over sports, a story about strength and determination.

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While keeping its integrity as a sports film, the movie also becomes empowering for a lot of young girls aspiring to be wrestlers. The film also strikes a chord with fathers who will now probably dream for their daughters along with their sons.

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