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Sumita Chakraborty meets the gorgeous Madhuri Dixit for a quick snappy conversation and comes out ready to dance to the tune of ek do teen.

From ek do teen to dhak dhak, this amazing actress has captured the imagination of the nation with her incredible beauty and performance. And how! But what was really remarkable was that not only was this amazingly unusually talented, she was and is a fabulous dancer too. Yes, we are talking about the arrestingly beautiful Madhuri Dixi Nene.

The Many Hues Of Madhuri Dixit

Who can forget her amazing portrayal as Chandramukhi in Devdas or if we turn the pages of the past even further, her as the nimble dancer Mohini in Tejaab, indeed she was and will always be the dhak dhak girl of the nation.


Today, this graceful lady is in the news again. She has launched ‘Dance with Madhuri’, an initiative in collaboration with her husband Dr Shriram Nene and Videocon D2H on a dance service called d2h Nachle. This will reach out even to the remotest parts of India

We caught up with gorgeous lady at the event and since she was ready for our volley of questions, we proceeded to bowl a few googlies which she dodged extremely well too.

Madhuri Mania

Extremely well spoken, Madhuri averred, “My fans always asked me how I dance so well and I used to tell them that anybody can dance. It’s just that a few people are a little inhibited so believe they can’t dance. But with my initiative I’m sure everybody will be able to learn dancing. My dancing school teaches people to enjoy dance, have fun and enjoy the rhythms.”

  • So what else will her endeavour teach? Madhuri adds that as the world has seen her dancing for three decades and has loved her songs – Dhak dhak karne laga, Ek do teen, Humko aaj kal hai, Chane ke khet mein, Didi tera devar deewana, Choli ke peechhe, Mera piya ghar aaya, Kay sera sera and Maar daala among others have been huge hits. She says, “I plan to teach the steps from all my hit songs. So all those who have enjoyed seeing me dance, they too can dance like Madhuri.”

  • Madhuri further explains, Dance with Madhuri’ is an initiative in collaboration with my husband Dr Shriram Nene and Videocon D2H. We want to promote the love for dancing. And our aim is to reach out to dance aspirants situated across India and provide them the opportunity to learn dance at their leisure and pace.

  • How many dance forms will she teach? There will be 35 dance forms available at her school, she says. Of course, Madhuri insist she will pepper her classes with a lot of her steps from her films. She says, “Main mere popular gaane pe steps sikha rahi hu, jo logo ko pasand hain.”


image credits : mensxp.com

  • So when did her actual love affair with dancing start? Madhuri laughs, “At the age of 3, I was happily shaking myself to the beat of a song and my mum saw me do so and thought I had a sense of rhythm so put in a dancing school to learn dancing.”

  • And this initial craze for dance became a passion. In fact, a teenage Madhuri and her sisters even taught students dancing.

  • Films was, obviously, the next step. And soon Madhuri became the dancing queen of Bollywood. People raved over her grace, expressions and her moves. She was touted as the superstar amongst heroines and commanded a superior standing. Madhuri recalls, “Yes, I was very lucky to bag some fabulous songs and dance moves.”

  • And today to give back to all her fans, she decided she’d start her dancing school – on channel 525 which would help people who love dancing.

  • When asked how she feels to be a dance guru or a mentor, Madhuri said, “I have taught dance before and I am so happy to do that again because I always feel, that I am what I am because of my fans and if I can give back something, I am the happiest.”

  • She adds, “I used to keep meeting people and they would tell me, when can we learn from you; how do you do such expressions? Well, join ‘Dance With Madhuri’ and I’ll teach you all that and more. I’m really glad that now I’ve got this opportunity to give back and teach them what I know. This gives me immense pleasure. This doesn’t make me nervous at all. It makes me happy.”

On a final note, we ask, so a lot of stars biopics are being made, would she want a biopic made on her life? Madhuri quips, “Not really! I don’t think my biopic should be made this early. I still have many things to do in life.”

More power to this gorgeous actress who still makes our hearts go dhak dhak.

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