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If you are even slightly like me (read: normal) then it is a big possibility that you simply hate workout. It is like you slave and slave in the gym/ on the treadmill/ use the stairs to reach your 50th floor apartment/ walk the dog after 15 hours of work and at the same time you avoid eating and basically live a very meaningless life. I mean why would you do that to yourself?!

So how does one like becoming healthy? Well humans are programmed to prance around and jump and wave their arms when happy, so why not incorporate it in your workout too? Dancing is fun even if you have two left feet. People around you are so busy sweating out that no one notices the steps you missed as long as you are having fun and don’t have a shot of tequila before wearing your dancing shoes. So here we are to tell you which dances work the best-


free style dance @TheRoyaleIndia

So it is as it is named- freestyle. With no fixed steps, freestyle dancing is more fun as you do your thang! Apparently a professor at Stanford has said that it is good for the brain as well because you have to make rapid decisions about which step to wow your class with. Imagine- you kill two birds with one stone and you lose whatever you want to. Go cray-cray with your moves. If you are shy, just do an hour of ‘shake-the-building’ dancing in the confines of your own home. But dancing in a group always helps because your ego gets in the way when someone is doing it far better and for a longer duration.

Hip hop

hip hop dance @TheRoyaleIndia

One of the most badass dance forms, hip hop kills it with its flexibility and use of muscles. More of an urbanized street dance version, hip hop is popular in clubs. The reason it is called ‘hip hop’ is because there is a lot of movement of the hips and waist which help tone the most problem areas. A super fast dance, an hour of some serious hip hopping should help you burn about 250- 300 calories.


bollywood dance @TheRoyaleIndia

Remember the moves you saw in movies and laughed at? Well do it for an hour and then we will see who laughs then. Bollywood dancing helps in burning calories like no other. More of the modernised version of the Indian dance with streaks of hip hop and street dance, makes this a high energy workout. When coupled with bhangra you will for sure be clutching the door like your lifeline to get out of there after an hour. But the best part about the Bollywood dance is the music. A song which has been stuck in your head and music you can understand and relate to, makes you wanna dance just a little bit more.

Pole dancing

pole dance @TheRoyaleIndia

Sure you might think of strip clubs shown in How I Met your Mother or think of sleazy dingy bars with women who dance erotically for money. Well you are WRONG! Do you have any idea how hard it is to dance with a pole and to balance yourself? I tried it once and I couldn’t walk for 2 days. The flexibility, agility and speed required for pole dancing is no joke. Like every other dance form it helps in toning and reducing weight but no other dance form has the best music playing that you want to groove to. Also, keep in mind a 30 minute pole dance class is equivalent to sweating it out in the gym with the same old boring machines and super toned people giving the smug looks.


ballet dance @TheRoyaleIndia

Love pilates and yoga? Love slow moving dance which is super deceptive? Then ballet it is for you. Sure if you wanted to be a serious ballerina then you should have joined it when you were like eight, but nowhere does it say that you cannot join ballet even now. One of the toughest dance forms, ballet requires a lot of flexibility, a lot of strength and a lot of control and precision of the body to be able to do even the basics. Perfect for toning and losing weight, ballet adds grace to your personality and helps you in showing off.

Thanks to this age of feminazis crying over how to embrace your body to models claiming that it is their life and they want to be thin and they don’t care and celebrities claiming that eat everything (liars), everyone wants to look their best. But consider being healthy. The minute you switch over from the beauty obsession to just being healthy, believe us when we say you won’t need the secret angles whilst posing for photos nor will you resort to photoshop (hear that Kardashian?). Don’t sweat (I mean literally sweat but don’t worry over the dancing part) that you can never be considered for the Step Up franchise; if you could be considered then you wouldn’t have had to worry about eating that piece of chocolate.

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