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Danny MacAskill – The Cyclist; when I address him this way it might not draw your attention. So let me add something to that — Danny MacAskill, the Scottish mechanic turned cyclist is known all over the globe for his jaw dropping street trials videos. Taking cycling to the next level – by ‘next level’ I literally mean it – he has breached the conventional cycling methods and taken his bike to places one can only imagine.

danny macaskill isle of skye @TheRoyaleIndia

Cycling on the streets is one thing; cycling on the largest island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland is ‘I don’t even know what one should call that’ – ‘exceptionally amazing’. Even saying this would be an understatement. Yes, Danny MacAskill has ridden (climbed literally) a mountain on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

danny macaskill cyclist @TheRoyaleIndia

Working with Inspired Bicycles Ltd, he released his first five and a half minute video in April 2009. The video features Danny displaying ‘out of the world’ cycling stunts on the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland. I have no intentions to over-exaggerate but he certainly manages to ride his bike in amazingly unconventional manner. The video rightly spread like wildfire, gaining plenty of media attention.

Since 2009, he has featured in various videos performing extreme stunts with his bike. The Royale lists a few for our readers:

Way Back Home

Released in the year 2010, ‘Way Back Home’ was produced by Red Bull Media House. In this video you get to see him riding through some popular locations like Edinburgh Castle, the Forth Bridge and many more.

Industrial Revolutions

In May 2011 MacAskill displayed a gravity defying act in ‘Industrial Revolutions,’ a promotional video by Stu Thomson. The video features MacAskill doing his usually unusual tricks in an industrial train yard. It was created for a documentary by Channel 4.

Inspired Skye

Along with Inspired Bicycles, he also released ‘Inspired Skye’ back in 2011.


danny macaskill 2014 @TheRoyaleIndia

In the 2012 movie ‘Premium Rush’, Danny MacAskill performed some breath-taking stunts. Travelling to Taichung, Taiwan in May 2013 to film ‘Danny MacAskill in Taiwan – powered by Lezyne, Danny is seen doing some awesome urban riding. Along with Red Bull Media House, he published a video on YouTube titled, ‘Imaginate’. The video went on to get over 4 million views within a few weeks.

Danny MacAskill – Epecuén

In the month of May this year, MacAskill collaborated with Red Bull Media House to produce a video titled ‘Epecuen’. It was shot in Epecuen, Argentina, a town that was submerged underwater since 1985 until recently. The video was a hit, gaining 3 million views in a few months.

After the video release, he did a media tour that included a visit to the Playboy mansion; and expectedly the Playboy Bunnies were not the main attraction there. Yes, his skills are that amazing!!!

#TheRidge is his most recent work in collaboration with Cut Media’s Stu Thomson. The video was released on October 2, 2014 and was filmed in Scotland. It received an astounding response of over 10 million views within the first 5 days of its release.

The stats convincingly depict one thing – the guy’s passion towards cycling.


danny macaskill vidoes @TheRoyaleIndia

Danny MacAskill is an inspiration for many. He has accomplished what many only dream of doing; leaving his mundane job for something that truly brings him happiness. There is no knowing where Danny and his bike will end up next. He is always up to new ways to surprise his fans and keeps getting outrageously better and better. Eagerly waiting for his next video!!!

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