Now Don’t Get Tattooed , Get Stitched!!!

July 3, 2015 Cross Stitch Tattoos @TheRoyaleIndia 1405 0 0

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Yes you read that right! We are all for getting stitched! And inked. You know how all inked people say (we really should have our own rally, shouldn’t we?) that our body is a blank canvas and how we love decorating it with permanent ink? Now imagine using that same body as a tapestry and getting stitched! No we don’t mean in a totally B Grade Hollywood movie where it’s all about the blood, gore and bad acting. We mean what if you get inked and the tattoo looks like a cross stitch pattern? We are telling ya, this should be show cased in those weeks and weeks of umpteen fashion shows.

Everyone in this world has to admit that tattoos have become waaaay better than what they were before. You can have it because of the ‘cool’ factor or you can have it because of personal reasons or you can have it because you lost a bet and got extremely drunk, we do not judge, but if you are planning to get inked why not take a peek at the below images?

cross stitch tattoos @TheRoyaleIndia

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Turkish tattoo artist, Eva Krbdk’s cross stitched tattoos have become an overnight sensation after she posted some of her work on Instagram and Twitter.

cross stitch tattoo designs @TheRoyaleIndia

We are surprised that it has taken THIS long for her work to come to our attention. She can make anything look stitched and with perfection; oh my god there is so much perfection.

cross stitch tattoo @TheRoyaleIndia

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Be it a rose or a storm trooper or Kermit the Frog or a TV, you will think of getting poked by knitting needles (yes we get the ‘needle’ bit. Sheesh!) her tattoos are not merely tattoos but works of art.

eva krbdk tattoo @TheRoyaleIndia

She Cross stitched tattoos have combined two of the most popular art forms, amalgamating into something super cool.

Don’t worry, she is also awesomely awesome when it comes to normal (read- boring tattoos, after this everything is boring) tattoos, geometrical designs and watercolour illustrations. She is also not the first to use the little ‘x’ shape so perfectly to create the illusion of cross stitch. But she has regained the popularity of the tattoo genre. But keep a lookout for Julie Hamilton’s pixelated and cross stitched rose tattoo!

julie hamilton tattoo @TheRoyaleIndia

source : copyrights: Julie Hamilton

Who could have thought that your grandmother’s favourite pastime will turn out to be super cool and for once you will be looking closely at her stuff for inspiration and not the other way round? What are you sitting and looking at me for? Go, run to Turkey and get that awesome tattoo! We know you want to. Oh well, our flight is in a couple of hours so see you soon with the coolest accessory. Or just check out the totally hot Jared Leto doin his thang!

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