Create Sweet Treats with 3D Food Printers

January 13, 2014 3D printers for Food @TheRoyaleIndia 679 0 0

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Planning to surprise your loved one with some sweet treats? No need to head to a confectionery shop to get that personalise sweet surprise. US based manufacturer 3D Systems recently launched world’s first 3D printers for food. The professionally certified kitchen-ready 3D food printers can make delectable sugar confections that you want to make for your loved ones.

The white plastic and metal 3D printers might not look that special, but they showcase some of the latest cutting-edge 3D technology when it comes to food printing. Available in two models, both the printers, which resemble like ovens, could make excellent cake toppings and garnishes. The printer can print milk chocolate or sugar in flavours like mint, vanilla, watermelon, cherry and sour apple.

How does it works?

Sugar is deposited into a tray, layer by layer. The sugar which is intended for the sculptured parts of the candy get melted with water, shaped, and then the sugary confections re-solidify. The ChefJet is aimed at the domestic market and will retail at under $5000 (£3000) producing single-colour edible prints for items like sugar cubes and cake decorations.

We say, design your desired shapes and give sweet surprises…

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