Cotton Candy Couldn’t Get Sweeter Than This!

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Passing by your school making you nostalgic? Why wouldn’t it, when most of your carefree days were spent jumping from one desk to another to avoid the make-believe molten lava in a game of land and water or pestering your mom and dad to get you those delicious golas or buddi ke baal when they least expected it! Lately, even your visits to the amusement parks and carnivals every year are more with an agenda to gorge on as many cotton candies as you can while you have the chance. But do you know where it all started?

Origin of Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Origin @TheRoyaleIndia

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While the machine-spun confection we have today was first sold in 1897 as the Fairy Floss, sources claim the beginning of the much-loved cotton candy to be as old as the 15th century! It was, however, a dentist by the name of Joseph Lascaux who first used the term cotton candy or candy floss which the world widely knows it as today.

Grab your very own cotton candy maker

Cotton Candy Maker @TheRoyaleIndia

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Now that most of us have grown older (some of us with pestering kids of our own), we have the perfect excuse to march right up to cotton candy seller under the pretext of buying some delicious buddi ka baal for our kids, knowing perfectly well that our toddler is barely going to have a bite of it while we savour it guiltlessly. And for those who don’t have the excuse of a demanding kid? Well, don’t lose heart yet. Because there is something, even more, better in store for you – your very own cotton candy maker!

Yes, we aren’t kidding. Why go through those endless crowds just to get some cotton candy for yourself when you can just as well make it at home. A number of stores, both offline and online, can get you one of these, so you never have to worry about researching for upcoming carnivals and fetes to get your fill.

Cotton candy ingredients

Cotton Candy Ingredients @TheRoyaleIndia

What makes cotton candies so delicious and fluffy? That’s a question we’ve asked ourselves every time we’ve seen one! So, for everyone who loves this confection and also for those of you on a diet (or pretending to be while you sneak huge bites of fattening food items when you think no one noticed), here’s a list of the ingredients used!

  • Candy floss maker

  • Coloured, granulated sugar

  • A stick to wrap the sugar strands around

How to make one?

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Pour cotton candy sugar into the container in the centre of the while the machine is switched off. You can also opt for other substitutes to the flavoured sugar, depending on your choice. When the machine is switched on, it heats the sugar to a considerably high degree and allows the melted sugar to seep through the holes in the walls of the container. Due to the centrifugal force, the sugar is let out in the form of solidified strands which you can wrap around the stick and munch on. So, all you have to do is pour in the mix, start the machine, and stand by at the ready with a stick or a cone, and voila! Your cotton candy is ready to be devoured.

Cotton Candy and Art

Cotton Candy Art @TheRoyaleIndia

If you are artistic, why not try some art with food too? Instead of eating the same old cotton ball around a stick, you can, undoubtedly, make your cotton candy soothing to your eyes and your palette. For one, you can indulge your kids, or the kid in you, and try out different shapes – a flower, a duck, and so much more!

Well, now you also know how to placate your friends and family who have a sweet tooth!

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