5 styles to get started with the trending co-ords!

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cover image source : raspberryglow.com

Back when we were kids, our mommies were our only stylists who would decide what we could wear. And she would give her all to find matching bags, shoes, tops, pants, skirts and what not! All of that hustle just to make her little ones look cutely coordinated. However after growing up, we hardly thought of matching our two pieces. Ironically, it seemed oddly uncoordinated to dress up that way.

However, a wave of nostalgia is about to hit you, because guess what? This matchy matchy style is back in many wardrobes. Co-ordinates, also known as co-ords are back in the fashion world and many are rocking this fabulous attire. A must-have for every fashionable wardrobe, you should grab these lovelies too before they becomes too mainstream.

Here are 5 glamorous co-ords for different occasions that will inspire you to pick the one best suiting your needs.

The easy breezy look

Floral Coord @TheRoyaleIndia

image source : pinimg.com

There’s no code here, pick out the most colourful and lively looking set you find and you’re good to go! Just as an example, you could pick out a crop top with a matching skirt, pair it with some boots, sunglasses and you’re ready for your fun day out!

The retro avatar

Retro Coord @TheRoyaleIndia

image source – virare.tumblr.com

If you’re looking for some change from your normal clothing style, opt for the ever-glamorous retro look. A printed crop top, matching high waist pants, cat eye sunglasses and you’re set to woo the crowd with your out of the world style!

The ‘I’m all about business’ look

Coord Fashion @TheRoyaleIndia

image source : thefashiontag.com

We all hate wearing those formal outfits when we have to appear mature and business-like. Printed trousers with a matching jacket is your escape from those dreary formal attires. All you need is some smart co-ords pairing. If you’re open to experimenting, add a hat and you’re sure to impress your bosses.

The first date impression maker

Coordinated Fashion @TheRoyaleIndia

image source : us.asos.com

Wanting to look mature without looking boring is a very serious problem we girls face. Especially on a first date, you would want to look like a fun-loving girl without compromising on your charming -womanliness. With co-ords it’s not a problem. Go with a nice fitting blouse along with a matching high waist skirt to secure many more dates with your prince charming.

The classy look

Coord Fashion Sstyle @TheRoyaleIndia

image source – themysteriousgirl.ro

If you’re thinking co-ords trend is all about matching prints, you’ve got it all wrong. Look at this pretty example, a white blouse with a knee length pure white skirt. The trick to get this kinda look right is pairing it with the right accessories of course! So if you want to be attention grabbing in a subtle and irresistible way, you know what to do.

There is a whole world of co-ords out there waiting to be explored. Trust me, you could fill an entire wardrobe with them and you still won’t have enough. So go on and grab these lovelies and set a style statement already!

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