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It’s been a few months that I’ve been traveling in the ‘Sahasra Chakra Louh Path Gaamini’ and I must confess, I’m having a time of my life. Oh, In case you’re blankly staring at the screen, trying to comprehend the 5-word phrase, let me relieve you of your misery: It simply means ‘train’. Yes, as funny and astonishing it might sound, that’s the exact meaning of the word train in our Rashtriya Bhasha. We’re so accustomed to listening and using the common English words that we’ve completely forgotten that they also have a meaning in Hindi. So, here’s the list of a few common English words that’ll surely turn your heads!

  • Shweta Patra Mandit Dhumra Shalakha Praveen

Cigratte hindi translation @TheRoyaleIndia


If you’ve read the words carefully, some of you might have already guessed it right. More so, if you ask my opinion, I’d never favour my friends buying a ‘Shweta patra mandit dhumra shalakha Praveen’. Simply because it’s injurious to health! It’s a cigarette.

  • Kanth Langoti

Tie kanth lanot @TheRoyaleIndia


Before your innovatively-creative-and-quirky-mind begins to draw conclusions, let me educate you! The word simply means a ‘tie’. So much for the excitement! 😛

  • Gunjanhaari Manav Rakt Pipasu Jeev

Mosquito Hindi transaltion @TheRoyaleIndia


I suppose if an Indian would come up with the concept of a fantasy movie, this would ideally qualify as the name given to the antagonist. However, for now we can just embrace the fact that the dangerous sounding word means, mosquito; seems apt! Also, the Voldemorts and the Dart Vaders must already be cringing!

  • Ast Vyast Vastra Niyantrak

Button hindi translation @TheRoyaleIndia


This device was created ages ago and is still being used and will be used in the near future – until the world dies and we rise again from the stardust! Till then be happy to know that this is a button.

  • Lakdi Ke Phalak Shetra Pe Le Takaatak De Takaatak

Table tennis hindi translation @TheRoyaleIndia


Although this might sound as if a person is trying tell someone how to ‘fight’, the term simply refers to Table Tennis. One can clearly understand the brevity of English language here!

  • Bhabhka Adda

Railway station in hindi translation @TheRoyaleIndia


If you’re already planning to go for drinks to this ingenious sounding place, I suggest you rather stick to your old ‘adda’. In fact, many of you go this place regularly to catch the ‘Sahasra Chakra Louh Path Gaamini’. Yes, you guessed it right, Railway Station!

  • Dugdh Jal Mishrit Sharkara Yukt Parvatiya (Pahaadi) Booti

Hindi translation tea @TheRoyaleIndia


Oh well, the grass isn’t greener on the other side! (Take it easy champ… 😛 :D) This is no ‘babaji ki booti’, don’t get your hopes too high. Many of us have it regularly! How wrong (read: right) does this sound. The word here is ‘tea’. (Excitement level: negative infinity)

  • Atti Agni Utpadan Peti

Match box hindi translation @TheRoyaleIndia


A considerably large sized machine blowing fire flames that can easily destroy Khalisi’s Drogon! That’s highly unlikely to happen: but this tiny thing can be used to light a canon may be – the word here is, match box.

  • Aavat Jaavat Suchak Jhandaa

Traffic signal hindi translation @TheRoyaleIndia


This particular thing is ignored as religiously as we ignored the scolding from our teachers as kids! The Sahasra Chakra Louh Path Gaamini used this in the form of a ‘jhandaa’ (flag) in the older ages. Today, we call it the traffic signal.

  • Gol Guttam Lakad Battam De Danadan Pratiyogita

Cricket hindi translation @TheRoyaleIndia


This probably could be a known word for many of you, as Cricket is a religion in India, and Sachin (read: Kohli is the new god) is the God! Right? The time you’ll take to learn to pronounce the word, by then, I suppose a T20 match would be completed!

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