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While some are born with beautiful eyes, others can acquire it by putting on their favourite coloured eye lenses. In fact, coloured lenses are becoming quite a fad across the globe. From Hollywood celebs like Lady Gaga, Rihanna to popular names in Bollywood like Priyanka Chopra or Anushka Sharma, everybody loves contact lenses for the versatility it brings to their personality.

Get funky with green eye lenses @TheRoyaleIndia

It is no doubt that accessories are the best way to enhance a person’s personality and there is no better way than adorning coloured eye lenses. To look and feel your best, it is best to put on coloured lenses that are available in myriad shades of greens, blues, greys etc to stand out of the crowd. Putting these coloured lenses helps in establishing a confident and strong first impression.

These days, shades of violets are quite in. For girls, hues of pinks and browns are popular as they go well with their personality. You can even mix and match the colour of coloured lenses with your wardrobe. Slight hint of make up for girls is also recommended, whenever they put on lenses.

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Also, remember that the availability of a particular colour in lenses will depend on the brand you opt for. Today, markets are flooded with a wide range of brands. The best part about coloured eye lenses is that they can be disposed on weekly or monthly basis and are easy on maintenance too.

Moreover, these coloured lenses can easily be worn during outdoor sports activities like tennis, squash, cricket etc. However, they must be strictly avoided while going for adventure sports like trekking and other water sports like river rafting, kayaking or surfing.

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Many makeup experts advice that people opting for coloured lenses must go for colours that are closer to their skin tones and eye colour. Along with this, it is advisable to put on your eye lenses, before you apply makeup. You must also steer away from liquid or glittery eye makeup as it can bleed into the eye staining the lenses.

Most importantly, don’t forget to restrict the use of coloured lenses for special occasions only. Wearing lenses regularly can be harmful to the eyes in the long run. Besides this, you must always buy these lenses from reputed stores rather than going for cheaper alternatives. And in case of any eye irritation or infection, immediately visit an eye specialist.

Get Glamorous with right eye lenses @TheRoyaleIndia

So, enjoy your new coloured eye look and go ahead to make a striking style statement.

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