Colour Your Mood Right With These Home Decor Tips

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Colours play a very important role in our lives. We find ourselves more creative, focused and happy at some places than the other. Have you ever wondered why? Why do you feel hungrier at a fast food joint than at a bank? More creative at a cafe than at a gym? This is because your mind is triggered by the colours around you, making you ‘feel’ things.

What happens when you walk through a street during one of the festival seasons? You get to hear various tunes. You may not realise how much a song irritates you until it starts haunting you almost ten days after the festival is over. This brings the concept of our conscious self and subliminal self.

While the conscious part of our brain might not register many things, the subliminal part does it, and it feels magical when you actually do remember things you do not remember seeing.

We love some colours more than the others. It is because these colours are our ‘favourites’ i.e they reflect our soul. Find out which colour reflects your soul and surround yourself with it.

Red - Best for : Living Room, Foyer, Formal Dining Room, Workout Room

red color for apartment @TheRoyaleIndia

Red as we know is the colour of Mars.

It encourages conversation. This colour induces high energy but also makes one feel hot after a while. For workout room, orange-tinge red is THE colour since it makes one energetic.

red coloured wall home @TheRoyaleIndia

Earthy red combined with woody decor brings comfort and warmth and is definitely the living-room colour. Scarlet is the colour of elegance, and a wise choice everywhere. Crimson brings about a playful environment.

Best when painted only on one side, while the rest are plain light colours or lighter texture wallpapers.

Blue - Best suited for: Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Study

blue color decor ideas for home @TheRoyaleIndia

Blue is the colour of Uranus.

This is the colour we associate to trust and calmness. Sapphire is a great colour to induce bold energy, which looks great on bedroom walls. Sky blue makes one tranquil, necessary in study rooms.

home decor blue color @TheRoyaleIndia

Navy blue gives a luxurious feel and turquoise is the colour of relaxation; both great for kitchen and bathroom. Stick to lighter blues for better moods. Pale Blue must be paired with dark coloured furniture to make the room feel more spacious.

Best when roof is coloured a dark shade while sides are lighter colours like cream or mild sapphire.

Green - Best Suited for: Bedrooms, Study, Kitchen, Bathroom

bedroom ideas green @TheRoyaleIndia

Yellowish green is the colour of Venus.

Green is the colour of our nature and thus, best suited for people living in dense urban areas. It gives a sense of peace of mind. According to researchers, green is the best colour to be surrounded by for long hours.

green bedroom ideas @TheRoyaleIndia

Sea Green brings gives a soothing feeling, while Citrus Green induces energy; these are the colours for bathrooms and bedrooms. Emerald Green is a very welcoming colour and is best suited for offices. Sage Green brings a feeling of stability, and is great everywhere.

Best when co-ordinated with different shades of green. Better when furniture is white, or beige in the scheme.

Yellow - Best Suited for : Offices, Foyer, Bathrooms, Workout

yellow home decor ideas @TheRoyaleIndia

Orange Yellow is the colour of Mercury.

It is associated with joyfulness and vividness. Also gives an illusion of light. Daffodil Yellow is a cheerful and pleasant colour and great for bathrooms and kitchen. Yellow ochre makes minds more open, and these are best suited for offices.

home decor ideas yellow color @TheRoyaleIndia

Though it is a very playful colour, long periods near yellow can make a person irritable and invoke anxieties. Studies have shown that people tend to lose their temper more in yellow interiors.

Best when furniture is not bright. Brown and beige look great with it.

Brown-Black - Best suited for: Kitchen, Bathrooms, Bedroom.

home decor ideas black and white @TheRoyaleIndia

Brown-Black is the colour of Saturn.

It is associated with stability, ambition, principles and perseverance. Stereotypically speaking, this colour is dull. But when combined correctly with bright colours, this robust colour can be the colour you’ve been looking for all this while.

home decor brown color ideas @TheRoyaleIndia

We all need peace and calmness in life and the combination of brown, black or just brown-black is just the intensity required.

Best when only one side is painted with this colour, while the other walls are lighter shades like cream or plain white.

Rich Orange - Best Suited for:Living room, Kitchen, Office, Bedroom

bedroom orange ideas @TheRoyaleIndia

Rich Orange is the colour of the mighty Sun.

This colour accumulates strength and force. But just like the sun, is a very hot colour. It is also the most positive colour, and a perfect balance of will and responsibility.

orange color kitchen ideas @TheRoyaleIndia

This colour evokes appetite. As a result most food joints prefer this colour. Best when the paint is oil-based and combined with calm decor.

Best when furniture is white since it absorbs the heat this colour radiates.

Grey - Best Suited for: Offices, Workout rooms, Bathrooms, Bedroom

grey bathroom color ideas @TheRoyaleIndia

No, Grey isn’t the colour of the Moon. But with the incoming of the era of luxurious decor, grey has probably taken majority of the attention. Grey is the colour of neutrality, analysing, distributing, modesty and accuracy. In perfect amounts, it can add great accents to bright colours like red, pink, blue and so on. The colour brings calmness.

Best when used in small amounts to compliment bright colours like red, orange, yellow etc or just with plain white.

Man needs colour to live; it’s just as necessary an element as fire and water.”

Find out your colour and be the person you always wanted to be!

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