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Revamp your wardrobe with our Monsoon 2013 colour guide

 Monsoon brings in all that’s fresh, cheerful and pleasing to the eye. The colour palette seen at the international fashion circuit for this season is inspired by the same expression of monsoon. Here’s giving you a peek at the hottest colours this monsoon and how to sport them.


Maximum yellow balanced off with hues of fresh green, this colour can put anyone in a cheerful mood. Get this colour in flowy dresses made in soft fabrics like chiffon or georgette. You can also opt for fitted tees in this colour teamed with bottom wear in neutral tones.


Nothing celebrates the season of love and new beginnings quite like this shade. You would have noticed a splash of cherry red at every red carpet event and the runways this summer. If you are unsure about an entire outfit in this bright shade, get a lipstick or accessory in this colour. Team it with a confident look and step out to dazzle the world.


A loud and vibrant orange blended with tones of the feminine coral makes this flavourful colour a hit this season. The good news? Orange really complements the Indian skin tone. With coral shades in this in sheer or lace-trimmed dresses in this colour should get those heads turning your way in no time!


From tight-fitting tees and sheer tops to bags, accessories and shoes… neons are in and how! If you’ve admired fluorescent shades of lime, pink, green and orange from afar, this is the season to indulge in some sinful neon shades without restraint. Combine loud neons with neutrals like grey and linen. Even a pair of big hoop earrings in neon revamps your look for summer. Pump shoes with lace trims are a great addition too. Neon is on!


Wish for a seductive entry into your wardrobe this season? Go for the mysterious deep violet. Wear this to evening soirees and romantic dinners. Team it with a light colour to balance this shade from the cool colour palette. You can also add a deep violet belt to a bright outfit or get a sling in this colour.


Bold shade of pink with a purple hue, Fuchsia is a winner on the ramp and also off it. Bright, loud and uplifting, this colour will add the right amount of pop to any gloomy day. Sport tops in Fuchsia with muted bottom-wear in grey, beige or white. Be careful when teaming this with black. A stunning gown in fuchsia will get you a lot of eyeballs too.

 Make a quick note of the colours you need and complete your wardrobe for this season. Remember, you can be frugal and get accessories in these colours and team them with your outfits. This summer, it’s all about getting a dash of colour to look like a diva!

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