5 Fashion Tips to Get College Ready

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Colleges are opening; there is so much excitement, so much dreams and aspirations lining up to be recognized. But don’t forget about the fun and enjoyment you are going to have during these golden years. Be sure that you aren’t low on any aspects because you are going to miss this time for the rest of your lives!

We have to admit the fact that we’ve always had this thought running – ‘What should I wear today? May be this, No, may be that, oh wait!!! This looks better‘– the confusion never ends. Especially for our first day at college or during some college event or a lunch with college friends! Of course, we don’t need a reason to dress up, do we? So, here are a few tips which you can use smartly and become your college’s fashion icon.

Printed Maniac

printed pants @TheRoyaleIndia

Prints are in this season and that gives you an entire new reason to become a Printed Maniac. Buy black and white vertically striped straight pants made of a flowing material. Over that wear a cute bright colored crop top, see to it that you show a little belt of your belly. Seal the deal with a bowler hat and a statement neckpiece.

Midi skirts

midi skirts @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: shopotam.ru

High waist midi skirts look so cute, don’t they? May it be tulle or made of polyester cotton blend, midi skirts are simply amazing.

cute midi skirts @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: aliexpress.com

You can wear a satin sheer skirt (of pastel colors) and tuck it in a bright colored or printed midi skirt. Go for golden colored cut shoes or peep toes and become the fashion icon of your college.

Dungaree fun

dungaree tomboy @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: memoirmode.com

If you are someone who is kind of a tomboy, dungarees are made for you! Wear a Aztec printed crop top with full sleeves inside a dungaree and complete the look with white vans. You can glam up the look with a cute bowler hat and let your hair free.

Shirt over a dress

wear shirt over dress @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: coralswithblues.com

Sounds weird right? But when you try it, you surely are going to love the look. For this you will require a men’s shirt, buy it or much better steal it from your father’s or boyfriend’s wardrobe! A wildly printed skater dress or an A-line dress looks the best with a shirt! Wear your dress and then wear the shirt, you can just leave the way it is or you can knot it up around your waist! To complete the look, wear brown boots and silver jewellery.

Palazzos !

palazzos crop top long legs @TheRoyaleIndia

Source: touch18.com

I don’t think palazzos will ever be out of fashion… don’t you think the same? One of prime reason is – it can be worn in at least more than 5 ways! But for college, the most ideal way is to wear it with a simple crop top and ballerina boots. Tie a wide belt around your waist. If the color of your palazzos and crop top is dull and of a neutral color palette, go for bright and bold colored belts like, red or orange or golden but if your clothes are decently colored, go for beige belts!

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