Christian Louboutin’s first wedding suite opens in India

April 15, 2014 Customised Wedding Shoes by Christain Louboutin @TheRoyaleIndia 900 0 0

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Brides, it’s time to celebrate! Now, the big fat Indian wedding will have to make room for bespoke footwear, as the iconic shoe designer Christian Louboutin offers tailor-made shoes for the Indian brides, making you feel very special on your special day!

Catering to the wildest whims of brides, brand Louboutin has initiated their personalised wedding service in India. Operating exclusively out of a pristine new ‘Wedding Suite’ in Mumbai, the service let its customers pick a shoe, and then tinker with choice of colour, material, heel height, even embellishment to suit their explicit requirements.

Once you’re contented with your session, the brand’s atelier in Paris will get working on your dream soles. Christian Louboutin will attempt to personalize the pair according to your choice, like adding a solitaire or a rare gemstone to the design if you wish to.

It doesn’t conclude just there. Another tailored concept on offer is the ‘Tattoo Made-to-Measure’ service, born from the designer’s love for the art of tattooing. Here, both bride and groom can get a preferred tattoo design en suite on the shoes, or get your better-half’s initials added or even a henna-inspired design.

With all that painstaking detailing like needlework done by artisans in Chennai and the shoes made in Paris. The wedding footwear would take about two to three months to be delivered…Guess it’s worth the wait?

In case you plan to get a pair for yourself, plan your wedding trousseau around them! Not the other way around!!

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