Christain Louboutin’s spectacular Spring-Summer Collection

May 20, 2014 Christain Louboutin’s spectacular Spring-Summer Collection @TheRoyaleIndia 801 0 0

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Spring is the season to flaunt the pastel hues and vibrant floral designs however the French designer Christian Louboutin opted to show off the sweet side of season.

Colourful beads which bear a striking resemblance to honey glued M&Ms are accentuated on this year’s spring edition of Christain Louboutin which includes shoes, handbags, clutches and more. Accessorize and accentuate your look as you sport the little wonders on your feet, or hold it in your arm as well. Thanks to Louboutin’s spring collection which is young, uncomplicated and fun!

The French label has also added vivid spikes to some of its collection with truly appealing outcome. Not only is the use of spikes sort of a valiant option, multi-hued collections flawlessly imply the newness and liveliness of the spring season. All the colours appear stunning when spotted alongside the lucid white milieu of the footwear and bags.

Whatsoever the season, you don’t need any reasons to buy shoes. So, how about the rainbow-hued and spiked Pigalle pump which is a fresh and bright take on spring season? The white matte leather pumps also sport Louboutin’s symbolic lacquered red soles and goes very well with everything from slender couture to cocktail outfit.

The Lady Peep Sling Spikes is a hot petite lady with an attitude to boot. The Louis Spikes Calfskin High-Top Sneaker has an even rubber sole with signature red inset. Snakilta is a feisty petite booty covered in signature Louboutin spikes is sure to make a statement. The sharp toed white leather boot with multi-coloured matted spike is perfectly positioned on a lean 120mm heel; it is a rock-steady booty with some stern outlook.

Louboutin handbag collection is the ideal amalgamation of functionality and stylish design. The white leather Sweety Charity crossbody bag is finished with multihued spikes, a scarlet patent-leather, center panel and a soft rear. The Panettone Spikes white leather wallet has removable pelt shoulder leash with fully lined iconic red twill. Certain to be the high point of your collection, the spikey Mina Clutch come with inclusive of red leather liner.

Christian Louboutin’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection is decked with vibrant studs that appear good enough to eat. Do you agree with us?

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