Chocolicious Beauty!

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Discover the delicious route to glowing skin with chocolate beauty treatments.

Chocolate needs no introduction… it’s the superstar in our lives, making any mundane moment special by hitting the right notes on our taste buds. It’s time to explore beyond culinary pleasures and indulge in some chocolate therapy that will keep you beautiful.

Magic Beans

Chocolate is derived from dried cocoa beans that are loaded with antioxidants. In fact, some researchers claim that chocolate has higher antioxidants than green tea! Your skin is made up of elastin and collagen that are damaged by free radicals, causing sagging and ageing over time. Chocolate prevents these free radicals from damaging your skin and helps keep your youthful glow.

Chocolate beauty therapy is a rage among the women now, and we’re spilling the beans on how to get your hands on some tender loving chocolate-care! Are you ready to find out how you can get some chocolate magic to work on your skin? Read on.

Chocolate Wax

Many premium salons offer a chocolate wax. It’s best for those who have thicker hair growth or speedy hair growth. A chocolate wax delays hair re-growth, leaving you feeling smooth for longer. Not to mention the uplifting fragrance, now that’s what we call a wax session with aromatherapy built in.

Chocolate Massage

Ever noticed how even the aroma of chocolate makes you smile? Now imagine drowning your senses in a luxurious chocolate massage. It’s double therapy that relaxes your body and awakens your senses as well. Chocolate also triggers production of endorphins that helps in natural process of fat burning. Do exercise restraint from tasting some of it though, as it will be mixed with essential oils!

Do-It-Yourself Chocolate Mask

Place a small bar of raw dark chocolate (cooking chocolate) in a double boiler and melt. Add some full cream and one teaspoon rock salt to it. Let it cool thoroughly. Apply a thin layer of this paste to your face and neck. Massage it well into your skin, but avoid rubbing too hard under your eyes. Wash it off after 10 minutes for super soft and glowing skin. The chocolate penetrates your skin to re-energise it while cream softens your skin and the salt acts as an exfoliator.

Chocolate-based Products

Can’t wait to get your very own chocolate-based beauty product? Keep this check list in mind to ensure you get only the best results:

  • Dark chocolate (above 35% cocoa) is most effective
  • Top three ingredients on the pack should be cocoa or cocoa extracts
  • Purchase it in winters rather than hot or humid climates
  • Use with discretion if you have an oily skin, as it may be high on moisturisation.
  • Do a patch test to check how your skin reacts to it

A bar of chocolate can be rewarding in more ways than one! Go ahead and splurge in some rich and sinful beauty treatment that your skin truly deserves.

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