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A mashup of the various looks from Hollywood and Bollywood seem to be the flavour of the season for Halloween.While the vampires, angels, demons and dracula take a backseat, the hatke looks sounds like fun but if you do not want to mix up your look, there are other Hollywood get-ups that could be a good option. The idea is to be creative and have fun. But whatever you do, ensure you mix and match for that uber cool look. This is the one day when you get to be someone else, so why not be someone quirky and bizarre?

Black Swan

Look like Black Swan @TheRoyaleIndia

Got a crazy dark ballerina in you? Make the darkness beautiful as seen in this gorgeously haunting makeup look. The look is intense, alluring, and sexy with a bit of danger mixed in.

Get the Look

  • Find a white eye shadow or a light blue one and cover your eyes with it all the way up to your eyebrows.
  • Take a black eye liner, preferably waterproof (Dior, Lancome) and outline the eyes.
  • Then draw just a few dramatic lines in between the outer ones.
  • Also colour your eyebrows in black.
  • Top off the look with mascara, a dramatic hot pink lipstick and a little blush.
  • It’s up to you whether you want to paint your face totally white as well, but it is not necessary, especially if you are still hoping to look hot on Halloween. Finish the look by throwing your hair up in a tight bun.

Comic Book Girl

Look like a Comic Book character @TheRoyaleIndia


We can’t get enough of the comic book makeup look – it’s such an instant win and you can just wear a regular tank and jeans. To recreate the look of one of these comic book Pop Art damsels you really only need a few things that you likely already have on hand in your makeup arsenal. Take a look at how easy it is to create this amazing look!

Get the Look

  • Begin by applying your normal foundation to your entire face.
  • Fill in your eyebrows with black liquid liner, extending their shape on both ends. Create a happy or sad appearance by drawing an exaggerated shape on the inner corners of brows.
  • Apply a white cream shadow from the lash line to the brow bone. Line the inner rim with a white pencil as well. Extend your eye shape by drawing below your lash line.
  • Apply two sets of false lashes. Apply one along the top lashes and one below the white area.
  • Outline the details of your face with black liquid liner, highlighting the crease in your chin, cheekbones, and bridge of your nose. Fill in the edges of your nostrils as well.
  • Fill in your lips with a vivid pink color, then outline them with a black liner and add a highlight with a pop of white cream makeup on your lower lip.
  • Create the dots by dipping the end of a makeup brush into white cream makeup and applying all over your face.

White Witch

Look like a White Witch of Narnia @TheRoyaleIndia

This looks like a gal straight out of Narnia, don’t you think? If you don’t have those electric blue eyes naturally, enhance them with dark smokey eyes all around. paying attention to the details of your makeup and costume will go a long way toward realising this fantasy. You will be a convincing witch who looks as if ice water runs through your veins.

Get the Look

  • Apply base all over your face and blend it into your jawline
  • Follow with loose powder or pressed powder. Create a matte look by pressing the powder into your skin with a dry sponge.
  • You can play up with silver, white and pale gray shadows. Avoid darkening your eyebrows. If you like, apply silver shadow to your brows or brush them into place with clear brow gel.
  • Choose mascara in silver or white to add an other-worldly look to your eyes. If you are portraying Jadis a generic white witch, you can create your own look here; sweep silver eyeshadow all over your lids, line your upper lids with dark gray and follow up with a coat or two of black mascara.
  • Either skip lipstick altogether, and only use a lip balm, or wear a deep red lip colour. 


Look like Cleopatra this Halloween @TheRoyaleIndia

The infamous queen’s beauty and distinctive makeup has been celebrated for centuries and has been one of the most sought after Halloween looks. Her dramatic eye makeup is famous for its thick, bold lines and signature blue and gold shades. Now you can achieve this same striking look. You are certain to feel as exquisite and graceful as the queen herself.

Get the Look

  • Cleopatra inspired makeup look, would require: lipstick, eyebrow pencil, blush, bold eye shadows, and false eyelashes.
  • A high arching brow is essential. Arch the brow. Use an eyebrow pencil to make a dramatic eye. The brow should also be full and wide.
  • A rich reddish blush is essential. Accentuate the high cheekbones.
  • Eye shadows should be chosen for their drama, this is where greens and purples and blues can be played together.
  • Apply large false eyelashes.
  • The lips should be a deep red. It can be a plum red or a ruby red, but deeper and darker reds are preferred to finish this look.

Cracked Porcelain Doll

Look like a Cracked Procelain Doll @TheRoyaleIndia

This cracked porcelain doll is definitely haunting, but also manages to look beautiful at the same time.

Get the Look

  • Apply foundation and concealer so that you have a blank canvas.
  • Fill in brows with a pencil. For a more dramatic look, slick down brows with a clear brow finisher, minimise colour with concealer, then redraw brows half an inch above your brow bone.
  • Prep your eyes with a neutral eyeshadow or primer, covering lids from brow to lash line
  • Apply bright blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend.
  • Block out lips with concealer.
  • Line lips with a dark lip liner, exaggerating their shape.
  • Fill in lines with a bright lipstick.
  • Brush mascara onto top and bottom lashes if they are light or white from the shadow primer.
  • Apply lash glue to faux lashes one strip at a time. When glue becomes tacky, press lashes along both top and bottom lash lines.

So, what have you decided to wear this Halloween? Whatever look you prefer to wear but be at your spookiest best!

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[button text=”Lesser Known Facts on Halloween” size=”large” iconcolor=”white”]

  • The word Halloween is derived from All Hallow’s Eve. November 1 is All Hallows’ Day, or All Saints’ Day.
  • The festival has its roots in Pagan festivals surrounding the Autumn season as well.
  • Various traditions of singing, lighting candles, and rituals to ward off evil spirits or put the dead at peace evolved in several different cultures.
  • Another reason is because in the earlier times they had gatherings and would dress up in a costume. That was out of the country at that time, but when the immigrants started settling in different countries they brought their culture. So that’s how Halloween came about.

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