The most stylish wedding apparel to flaunt this season! @TheRoyaleIndia

The most stylish wedding apparel to flaunt this season!

It’s that time of the year again! The Wedding season is upon us and suddenly our Facebook list seems to be full of people who are either getting married or going for marriages. Now that we are over the larger than ...

Team Royale - March 29, 2017
Ways to re-use wedding lehnga @TheRoyaleIndia

8 Awe-Inspiring Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Lehenga

Without a doubt, weddings are something we Indians are totally obsessed with! We count money while paying for fruits, groceries, and every other thing, but when it comes to weddings, we tend to spend (read as ...

Team Royale - June 23, 2016
Wedding Lehenga For Your Body Type @TheRoyaleIndia

Tips On Choosing The Right Wedding Lehenga For Your Body Type

A big fat Indian wedding is what every girl dreams of. It’s once in a lifetime event and it has to be perfect!

Team Royale - December 16, 2015
Flaunt Your Outdoor Wedding Look - Here’s how. @TheRoyaleIndia

Flaunt Your Outdoor Wedding Look – Here’s how

There is this smile flashing every now and then. Congratulations being showered from your near and dear ones. Sweetness fills those days and romance completes those nights. Wedding bells do this to you.

Team Royale - October 16, 2014
bridal exhibitions india @TheRoyaleIndia

Upcoming Bridal Exhibitions in India

YOLO is the acronym for the very familiar phrase ‘You Only Live Once’. And quite rightly in this very existence of your being, you have every right to have the Big Fat…Fatter..Fattest Indian Wedding!

Team Royale - September 6, 2014
5 insights for The Bride-To-Be @TheRoyaleIndia

5 insights for The Bride-To-Be

The date is set, the venue booked and there are lot of preparations to be done and hence we have huge family and friends to take care of those businesses so save yourself the burden and plan ‘your’ part of the wedding.

Team Royale - August 22, 2014
wedding photography tips @TheRoyaleIndia

14 Tips to nail the Wedding Photograpy Blues!!!

Before you decide on a photographer for your wedding, it is very important for you to know and understand the different aspects that need to be considered to have the perfect wedding album.

Team Royale - August 9, 2014
Surprise Bollywood Celebrity Weddings @TheRoyaleIndia

Surprise Bollywood Celebrity Weddings in 2014

In the world of Bollywood where most celebs have grand weddings in full pomp and show, there are many who prefer to keep their personal lives under wraps. This year, some of b-town’s most admired celebs exchanged ...

Team Royale - May 1, 2014
Customised Wedding Shoes by Christain Louboutin @TheRoyaleIndia

Christian Louboutin’s first wedding suite opens in India

Catering to the wildest whims of brides, brand Louboutin has initiated their personalised wedding service in India.

Team Royale - April 15, 2014
Ultimate Guide before Wedding @theroyaleindia

Ultimate Pre-Wedding Guide

With the wedding season upon us, you are almost dying to look stylish best in stunning outfits. Whether you are the potential bride or groom about to walk down the aisle, a close friend or relative, everybody wants ...

Team Royale - January 3, 2014