Tips & Tricks to Travel in Style and Ease

If you are planning to make a holiday, make sure you travel with style and ease. This blog talks about some tips and ideas to travel with style and ease.

Team Royale - October 4, 2017

Top 10 Hill-Stations to Visit Across India

This article is inspired by an article originally published by Skyscanner Imagine the wind in your face, while traveling through the winding roads, up a hill! Imagine opening the windows, with a steaming cup of ...

Team Royale - September 20, 2017
Tips for travellers @TheRoyaleIndia

Travel without Travails: Tips for Travellers to Save Time, Money and Avoid Last Minute Blunders

To be at that vantage point in life where you can look down in leisure at the world, and anticipate your next venture into your favourite adventure is indeed bliss.

Team Royale - September 5, 2017

Top 10 Cheap International Travel Destinations for You

Team Royale - August 24, 2017
Goa Tourism

Sunny Beaches, Exotic Food, Treasure Cove: Plan your Holiday in Goa

Goa is one the best and the most loved tourism places of India. Goa falls in the South-West coast and has attracted millions of foreigners and remains to be the eternal favourite holiday destination. South Goa is ...

Team Royale - June 22, 2017
Amusement parks to Visit in India

Top 5 Amusement Parks to Visit in India

Amusement parks remain evergreen entertainers for the adventurous freaks & will never fail to amuse the kids and the teens. Summer vacation is almost getting over! So, plan your weekend getaway or even a two day ...

Team Royale - June 2, 2017
8 Affordable International Getaways @TheRoyaleIndia

8 Affordable International Getaways

Amazed by the scenic beauty and picturesque locations of the international region and you have even got your passport ready, but there is one thing that is still making you think again about planning an international tour

Team Royale - June 2, 2017
Planning a Backpacking Trip with Your Girl Gang @TheRoyaleIndia

Things to keep in Mind while Planning a Backpacking Trip with Your Girl Gang

Why we would always listen to things like it’s the men’s world while women have proved in varied fields to compete equally with men in different fields. Why would men only enjoy trips that remain memorable for a ...

Team Royale - May 31, 2017
5 Popular Events in India

5 Popular Events in India to Attend in the Month of June, 2017

Vacations can be of great fun if you can couple it with some amazingly fun activities. Apart from visiting the places, you can also club it with other activities around to experience the true aura of that place. All ...

Team Royale - May 23, 2017
9 Famous Cafes in India You Should Visit at Least Once @TheRoyaleIndia

9 Famous Cafes in India You Should Visit at Least Once

India has always had a vibrant culture of people meeting and discussing over hookahs, drinks, gambling houses and the like. The arrival of coffee has continued and modified the earlier culture in new ways with new ...

Team Royale - May 21, 2017