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facebook photo @TheRoyaleIndia

New tool to predict virality of Facebook photos

Using computer algorithm, scientists can now predict the virality of your facebook photos. The prediction is based on the shares of your Facebook photos.

Team Royale - April 7, 2014
cool selfie

Easy to follow tips on how to click the coolest selfie !!

Uploading the coolest of selfie across your social media’s ids has very well become the rage of the town. In the literal sense, selfie means an image of self taken through a smartphone camera and is posted on ...

Team Royale - April 5, 2014
emPOWERED clutches

emPOWERED – Another leap in wearable tech!

Though not the first brand producing bags with chargers, emPOWERED babies are stylish, made of leather, have 11 different colour variations, can be used as a clutch or a cross body and have ample space!

Team Royale - March 29, 2014
www turns 25 @TheRoyaleIndia

Happy 25th Birthday www.!

WWW. turns 25! But the creator never expected so many cats

Team Royale - March 14, 2014
E- Learning Technology @TheRoyaleIndia

Now, E- Learning Technology for your children at fingertips

efining the education trends this century is the emergence of e-learning technology. Today, E-learning technology incorporates teaching through enhanced audio-video aids, using white boards with pre-developed ...

Team Royale - February 27, 2014
Nokia Normandy Colors @TheRoyaleIndia

Normandy is to change Nokia’s fortunes

Finnish handset maker Nokia who has been going through turbulent times and looking to seek some reprieve from Microsoft has decided to experiment something new, once which it did in almost all its handsets which ...

Team Royale - January 29, 2014

The Great and Monstrous – Samsung Galaxy S5

Rumours never cease to exist when the world’s largest Android handset maker launches the next best thing in an era where people can’t stay without them. Yes, you guessed it absolutely right. I am talking about ...

Team Royale - January 23, 2014
Subway Surfer Mumbai Edition @TheRoyaleIndia

Mumbai comes to life on Subway Surfer!!!

Danish gaming giant Kiloo has launched the Subway Surfer – Mumbai Edition. Apart from the Indianised setting, colourful kiosks, a pudgy cop in signature khaki uniform and blue Gandhi topi, and a tiger-print ...

Team Royale - January 10, 2014
Samsung Galaxy Gear & Sony Smartwatch @theroyaleindia


When we thought the Smartphone wars had just begun with the recent launch of the Galaxy Note 3 & Nexus 5 along with the Xperia ZL, the big players have decided to get into a new venture. This time it’s an era of ...

Team Royale - December 18, 2013
Hands on the impressive Samsung Galaxy Note 3 @TheRoyaleIndia

Hands on with the impressive Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The stunning Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was officially unveiled at IFA 2013. The gadget boosts larger screen and visibly new design.

Team Royale - December 12, 2013