Landscape Photography tips @TheRoyaleIndia

7 Landscape photography tips to capture wall-worthy photos

So you and your photography-enthusiast buddies finally decided to forfeit your Sunday morning sleep and head out for some landscape photography. Well isn’t that a trip worth having! It’s quite a feeling for us ...

Team Royale - June 21, 2016
best lenses for wildlife photography @TheRoyaleIndia

5 Lenses You Must Buy If You Are A Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife photography is one of the most exciting branches of photography. It requires the right temperament, a lot of patience, and the right kind of optics. Today, we shall be discussing the latter.

Team Royale - August 4, 2015
Night Photography Tips @TheRoyaleIndia

5 Essential Tips for Night Photography | The Royale

Photography at night or in low light is an art of its own. A rising silhouette in the moonlight, the neon glow of nightlife, a cityscape dazzling with lights - all these make for some hypnotic shots that can really ...

Team Royale - June 16, 2015
How To Choose Camera Shutter Speed @TheRoyaleIndia

The ABC’s of Adjusting Camera Shutter Speed

For any serious photographer, thorough knowledge about the ‘exposure triangle’ is necessary to correctly expose shots for the desired results. What is the ‘exposure triangle, you ask? It’s simple really.

Team Royale - June 14, 2015