benefits of apple cider vinegar @TheRoyaleIndia

13 Amazing Benefits of ‘The Miracle Fluid’ – Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar literally means “sour wine” in French. Apple Cider Vinegar is proclaimed to be a super fluid that can do absolutely anything. From health to beauty, from cooking to cleaning, this magical liquid is slowly ...

Team Royale - May 30, 2015
Curd Packs For Face And Hair @TheRoyaleIndia

6 Perfect Curd Packs For Beautiful Hair and A Glowing Face

For ages, curd has been used for natural beauty treatments especially to treat acne or dry scalp. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best ingredients used in homemade remedies. And, if you are wondering why so then ...

Team Royale - May 23, 2015
Dance Away The Excess You @TheRoyaleIndia

Dance Away The Excess You

So how does one like becoming healthy? Well humans are programmed to prance around and jump and wave their arms when happy, so why not incorporate it in your workout too? Dancing is fun even if you have two left feet.

Team Royale - April 11, 2015
Rejuvenate Yourself With These Top 5 Spas in South Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

Rejuvenate Yourself With These Top 5 Spas in South Mumbai

How about pampering your body in the most elite and lavish royal ambience? Well, who’s going to miss the chance like this anytime? I am a spa person and love to discover the new ones in town every time.

Team Royale - March 7, 2015
devotional music @TheRoyaleIndia

Devotional music soothing for the soul

I believe music is one of the greatest discoveries of the human kind in the history. It is a way of expressing one’s feelings and emotions without actually speaking about it. Music has found to give relief in pain ...

Team Royale - September 7, 2014
relaxing activities @TheRoyaleIndia

5 Relaxing activities each professional should indulge in!

Are you high on need for Achievement and love to take on more work than you can manage? Are you one of those employees who is the first one to enter office and the last one to leave?

Team Royale - May 17, 2014
Salutation to Sun God @TheRoyaleIndia

Saluting the Sun

Looking to build stamina but find the treadmill or the cross trainer monotonous, give the humble Surya Namaskar a try.

Team Royale - October 16, 2013