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Breast Cancer Awareness @TheRoyaleIndia

Know your breasts. Fight breast cancer.

There are many roles you play in life. You are a caring daughter, a concerned sister, a doting mother, a responsible wife and a good grandmother. But above all you are a woman.

Team Royale - December 26, 2013
Salutation to Sun God @TheRoyaleIndia

Saluting the Sun

Looking to build stamina but find the treadmill or the cross trainer monotonous, give the humble Surya Namaskar a try.

Team Royale - October 16, 2013
Vegetarian Thali @TheRoyaleIndia

Turn fasting into healthy feasting this festive season

With festivities in the air, we tried to explore all that you could feast on while fasting. A close look at what goes into making these food items show that the basic ingredients of these so-called fasting dishes, ...

Team Royale - October 5, 2013
Work Life Balance @TheRoyaleIndia

Stay fit at Work

Chained to your desk? Stay fit with little planning and some inspiration to squeeze in a little movement all day long.

Team Royale - August 23, 2013
Diet with Low Calorie Indian Starters @TheRoyaleIndia

Indulge in Delicious Dieting with Low calorie Indian starters

Everybody tries their best to remain fit these days. From regularly visiting gyms to enrolling in yoga or pilates classes to eating healthy home cooked food is becoming a popular norm.

Team Royale - August 6, 2013
Be Hydrated - Keep up the Water Level @TheRoyaleIndia

Keep up the water level

Water is the ultimate tonic for the body. It replenishes and rejuvenates the body like no other drink.

Team Royale - August 6, 2013

Healthy food for hyperactive toddlers

Team Royale - July 26, 2013

Rain Rain Come Again

Team Royale - June 17, 2013
Homemade Tan Removing Remedies @ TheRoyaleIndia

Home made remedies for tan removal

We all love beach holidays for the relief it provides from the mundane life of cities.

Team Royale - June 17, 2013