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how to get rid of a double chin @TheRoyaleIndia

8 amazing Tips To Trim Away An Additional Chin

From wearing a high-neck dress or a scarf to tilting the head just right while clicking those amazing selfies, we have done it all to hide that additional chin.

Team Royale - April 6, 2016
Healthy Living

9 Home Remedies For A Super-Quick Weight Loss

Team Royale - February 9, 2016
New Year Health Resolution @TheRoyaleIndia

5 Tips To Make Your New Year Health Resolution Last Longer

A lot of us spend our new year’s eve looking back at the year, evaluating it on different aspects. And often feel bad and sometimes even guilty about yet another failed resolution we made on the very first day of ...

Team Royale - December 29, 2015
Benefits of Garlic @TheRoyaleIndia

15 Unusual Uses of Garlic Outside of Your Kitchen

Most of us love the tangy and distinct taste of garlic and the magic it can do to change the flavour and fragrance of your not-so-interesting food preparation. Did you ever gave it a thought what all a wonderful ...

Team Royale - November 30, 2015
winter foot care tips @TheRoyaleIndia

Welcome Beautiful Feet This Winter (Foot Care Tips)

Winters come as bliss and relief from the scorching heat and irksome October humidity. But the cold weather tends to make the skin dry, scaly, stretchy and dull. Often, we take care of our face but forget to pay ...

Team Royale - November 16, 2015
Face Yoga Excerises @TheRoyaleIndia

5 Face Yoga Exercises That Give Amazing Results

To create an impression you need a smile that can win one million hearts. Wonder why babies look so cute all the time? They smile for at least 400 times a day, while adults only for 8. The stress builds up and then ...

Team Royale - October 20, 2015
Health Benefits of Brown Rice @TheRoyaleIndia

What Are the Brownie Points of switching to Brown Rice?

Many a times we have heard dieticians and nutritionists swearing about the health benefits of brown rice, in fact they believe it to be the complete food. Unlike its snow-white brother white rice, brown rice does ...

Team Royale - October 15, 2015
Homemade Toners for Face @TheRoyaleIndia

13 Facial Toners You Can Make At Your Home

Are you among those people who think that cleaning and moisturising your face twice a day is enough to keep your skin healthy and glowing? Well, I will have to disappoint you, but you have been missing a crucial ...

Team Royale - October 3, 2015
advantages of dry fruits @TheRoyaleIndia

10 Reasons You Must Eat Dry Fruits Daily

These days every diet specialist recommends the intake of a handful of dry fruits everyday as they can help you stay fit and maintain a good health. These superfoods are packed with monosaturated fatty acids (good ...

Team Royale - September 7, 2015
flax seeds benefits @TheRoyaleIndia

10 Reasons Why You Must Include Flax Seeds in Your Daily Intakes

With an increasing awareness about healthy living, people are looking for healthier food items that are not only packed with numerous nutritional benefits but are also low on calories.

Team Royale - August 16, 2015