25 Benefits that Make Fish Oil Vital for Your Complete Nutrition

This article talks about the numerous benefits of fish oil. It is an important nutritional supplement as is its rich Omega-3 fatty acid content, DHA and EPA.

Team Royale - September 26, 2017
protein supplement @TheRoyaleIndia

Protein Supplements and their Effects

The world is into fitness and body building nowadays. It’s all about hitting the gym, working out and getting your daily dose of nutritional requirements.

Team Royale - September 11, 2017
Tips to Plan a Budget Party @TheRoyaleIndia

Tips to Plan a Budget Party

Are you thinking that throwing a party can be expensive? A party can be planned within a budget and can be fun too. Read this blog to unveil some great tips.

Team Royale - August 31, 2017
baby essentials

Baby Essentials

A tiny baby is a lot of work, more so in the first year than in subsequent years. Baby goes from being a sleepy newborn to an active infant, who grows out of their clothes every few months, learns a variety of ...

Team Royale - August 9, 2017
Indian festival Raksha bandhan @TheRoyaleIndia

Raksha Bandhan: Celebrating the Bond of Protection

The Sanskrit word ‘Raksha’ stands for protection and ‘Bandhan’ is bonding. Usually, on the day of Raksha Bandhan sisters tie decorated threads on the wrists of their brothers, uttering prayers and marking their ...

Team Royale - August 1, 2017
The Ultimate Indian Monsoon Guide @TheRoyaleIndia

The Ultimate Indian Monsoon Guide

There are 2 kinds of people one who hate monsoon and one who love monsoon. No matter which group you belong to, no matter what your feelings are towards this season you shall find everything in this blog useful.

Team Royale - July 31, 2017
Flowers for all occasion @TheRoyaleIndia

Flowers for Gifting Purpose: Select the Right one

Team Royale - June 23, 2017
Fitness Equipment for Home Workouts @TheRoyaleIndia

7 Fitness Equipment for At-home Workouts

Gym is extensively popular these days. To get in shape and look like a model is almost every lady’s dream. To wear to those tight tees and show off toned abs is every guy’s dream. But taking out the time to go to ...

Team Royale - April 25, 2017
Remedies for Dry Hair @TheRoyaleIndia

Reduce Dryness of Hair with these Tips

Hair brings beauty to your face but when this hair becomes dry, dull and lifeless your look also turns dull without any reason. Some have dry hair from birth while some encounter dryness of hair due to different ...

Team Royale - April 22, 2017
Vastu Tips for Job Stability @TheRoyaleIndia

13 Vastu Tips for Job Stability

Career is a crucial turning point in every one’s life. Exceptional career is imperative to achieve all your dreams. To succeed in a career is not a cake walk. Amidst all the hard work, efforts and excellent marks, ...

Team Royale - April 21, 2017