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Junk Foods that Actually Are Good for You @TheRoyaleIndia

14 Junk Foods that Actually Are Good for You

Junk food is a pleasure for the palate. No matter how stressed you are, the mere taste of chocolate can lift up your mood instantly.

Team Royale - August 14, 2017
Worlds Most Expensive Desserts @TheRoyaleIndia

10 of the World’s Most Expensive Desserts and Hot Beverages

Who would not love to lose themselves in their delicious desserts, wander among them, savouring them? But just how much do you love them? Do you love them enough to spend a significant part of your allowance or ...

Team Royale - August 10, 2017
How to decorate your home

How to Decorate your Home Interiors with Stylish Décor Items

Decorating your home with decor items can be considered as a hobby that reflects your creativity and vibes. No matter how good the house is, the home interiors finally add the classy touch and aura to make your home ...

Team Royale - June 19, 2017
8 Amazing Home Cleaning Tips & Tricks @TheRoyaleIndia

8 Amazing Home Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Home is not just simply a place, a construction of bricks and mortar, but a state of mind, an emotional experience that lies deep in the heart, refuge when you have to face the Big Bad World.

Team Royale - May 20, 2017
Brighten Up Your Office Desks

9 Office Accessories to Brighten Up Your Work Hours

Colours can works wonders by lifting up your our moods. And we all love to decorate our home with colourful and attractive things! But, the fact is, we spend more time in the office than at home. Spending the entire ...

Team Royale - April 29, 2017
Space saving furniture @TheRoyaleIndia

6 Smart Space Saving Furniture for Your Homes

Space saving furniture looks cool, smart, and artistic and can serve multiple purposes. This singular furniture adds beauty, elegance and occupies less space. Let us take a look at some of such brilliantly designed ...

Team Royale - April 2, 2017
Feng Shui Tips for Luck

Nine Easy-To-Implement Feng Shui Tips To Bring You Good Luck

There is not a single person in this universe who would ever say a no to an extra bit of luck. One of the most efficient ways to bring good luck and fortune into your life is through Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a ...

Team Royale - March 17, 2017
Vastu Tips for wealth and prosperity @TheRoyaleIndia

10 Vastu Tips to bring wealth, money and prosperity into your lives!

Wealth and prosperity! Who doesn’t want it? A lot of hard work and luck is obviously required to achieve it. However, you also need positive energies that attract wealth and prosperity to surround you. That’s ...

Team Royale - February 21, 2017
Do it yourself home decor @TheRoyaleIndia

Do it yourself – Upcycling Home Decor

Sumita Chakraborty avers upcycling is the best way to spruce your living spaces.

Team Royale - February 17, 2017
Fun ways to personalise office desk @TheRoyaleIndia

Ten fun and creative ideas to personalise your office desk!

In the office, your work desk is your domain! It’s a place where you sit and work for at least 8 to 10 hours every single day. However, most office spaces are dull and drab and are generally painted in neutral ...

Team Royale - January 20, 2017