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11 Unique Wedding Rituals in India

11 Unique Wedding Rituals in India

The custom of wedding or marriage defies a universally acceptable definition because of its sheer variety. In fact, it is the main custom through which a society renews itself. It is an integral part of any culture, ...

Team Royale - May 18, 2017

5 Must-Read Books on Mother-Daughter Relationship

For all the kinds of bonds and bonding there are, nothing has the power and perpetuity of the mother-daughter bond, a bond forged by birth, shared burdens, continuously bolstered as it goes on to fashion the future. ...

Team Royale - May 11, 2017
Mothers Day Gift Ideas @TheRoyaleIndia

Gift ideas for Mom this Mother’s Day

Rudyard Kipling is right when he said, “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers”. This year Mother’s Day will be celebrated on 14th May. It is generally celebrated on the second Sunday of May ...

Team Royale - May 9, 2017
Everything you need to know about violins

Everything you need to know about Violins

Violin is the most popular musical instrument and used in the wide variety of musical genres. The Violin has a beautiful hourglass shaped body and an arch on its top and back. The body of the violin is usually made ...

Team Royale - May 6, 2017
13 Shoe Hacks you should know to make your Feet Comfortable

13 Shoe Hacks you should know to make your Feet Comfortable

Shoes can transform you into a gorgeousmodel in no time! Owning a comfortable and stylishpair of shoes is the best thing to have in your wardrobe, whether you are a woman or a man. Most women are obsessed with ...

Team Royale - May 5, 2017
Tennis Gear

6 Tennis Gears You Need to Support Your Hobby

Tennis is a popular sport and a favourite hobby among youngsters and kids. It is always advisable to include one sport as a hobby in your lifestyle. It adds to your workout regime and makes it interestingly fun. ...

Team Royale - May 4, 2017
Fun Facts @TheRoyaleIndia

8 Fun Facts From Around the World

The world has 196 countries, each with unique cultures, values, traditions and constitutions. Some of the countries are famous for their whacky and strange traditions, while other countries are well known for ...

Team Royale - April 30, 2017
Summer Heat Woes @TheRoyaleIndia

Summer Heat Woes

If you are a huge fan of the popular Hollywood movie ’10 things I hate about you’, you would most ardently remember Julia Stiles telling Heath Ledge about how she was ‘sweating like a pig’ when he tries conversing ...

Team Royale - April 30, 2017
Board Games for Couples @TheRoyaleIndia

6 Board Games to Spend Your Time with your Spouse

It has been long that you have tried something new to spend time with your respective partners. There might be many options to revive a bonding between you both but playing a board game together is very different ...

Team Royale - April 28, 2017
TVFPlay Original Series @TheRoyaleIndia

Top 7 TVF Play’s Best Original Series for Youngsters

We’re sure most of you already know TVF is all about? For those who don’t, this is the abbreviated form of ‘The Viral Fever’, a digital entertainment channel that is basically online. This creative network was ...

Team Royale - April 28, 2017