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Slurp Some Homemade Golas this Summer @TheRoyaleIndia

Slurp Some Homemade Golas this Summer

Golas make for perfect desserts on a scorching summers’ day, with both kids and adults being crazy about the confection. The much-loved ice golas are made of ice shavings on a wooden stick and topped with flavoured ...

Team Royale - April 10, 2017
Best Coolants @TheRoyaleIndia

5 Traditional Indian Coolants that you must try this Summer

India is the land of gastronomical abundance. Thanks to our diverse culture, one can embark on a different culinary journey each day and not get tired of experimenting with flavours. You are lucky if you are a ...

Team Royale - April 8, 2017


The summer Gods have shined upon us again. With lemonades flowing as much as lemon colored dresses, everybody is coming up with their own way to deal with the sweltering summer!

Team Royale - March 27, 2017
Cotton Candy Couldn’t Get Sweeter Than This @TheRoyaleIndia

Cotton Candy Couldn’t Get Sweeter Than This!

Passing by your school making you nostalgic? Why wouldn’t it, when most of your carefree days were spent jumping from one desk to another to avoid the make-believe molten lava in a game of land and water or ...

Team Royale - March 25, 2017
Fried Ice Cream Recipe @TheRoyaleIndia

Get Your Fill of Fried Goodness with Fried Ice Cream

Munching on fried pakoras and crispy bhajiyas might be on everyone’s wish list, but have you tried fried ice cream yet? Yes, you heard that right! Fried ice-creams exist and are gradually becoming a must-try marvel.

Team Royale - February 23, 2017
Healthy Christmas Recipes @TheRoyaleIndia

4 Healthy Recipes To Add A Fresh And Fruity Pop To Your Christmas Dinner

Christmas is certainly not the time to count calories or go for low-fat recipes, but if you’re already on a diet and are concerned about overindulging, we have some healthier and easy-to-prepare options that you can ...

Team Royale - December 21, 2016
leftover dal recipes @TheRoyaleIndia

Leftover Dal Recipes to Give Your Taste Buds a Treat!

Dal is an essential part of Indian cuisine. Whether it is Sambar, Dal Fry, Chana Masala or Dal Makhani – a large majority of Indians prefer Dal to be a part of their meal. And if you are anything like me, your ...

Team Royale - December 16, 2016
Oats Dessert recipes @TheRoyaleIndia

Two Oatmeal Desserts To Enjoy A Guilt-Free Sweet Treat

We all often believe that eating healthy means you have to skip the dessert. But, in reality, you can actually have sweet treats if only you learn to look for the right ingredients and of course, watch your portion size

Team Royale - November 18, 2016
Baked Egg Recipes @TheRoyaleIndia

Frugal-friendly Baked Egg Recipes In Edible Cups

Weekend mornings are for that King-style royal breakfast. It is NOT for scarfing down a bowl of cereals and milk, instead, it is that time of the entire week to do the breakfast right with some sausages, pies, and ...

Team Royale - July 25, 2016

Bake Away With These Two Healthy Guilt-free Oat Recipes To Pacify Your Sweet Tooth

Team Royale - July 8, 2016