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Chocolate Pudding Recipe @TheRoyaleIndia

Prepare Sinful Warm Chocolate Pudding in a Jiffy

If you are expecting guests at the last moment and can’t decide on dessert, warm chocolate pudding can be your savior. Prepared with just a handful of ingredients, this delicious yet super-quick dessert will ...

Team Royale - August 9, 2015
ambrosia bliss new delhi reviewsambrosia bliss new delhi reviews @TheRoyaleIndia

Ambrosia Bliss : A Food Review

Nestled in the heart of Cannaught Place, Ambrosia Bliss is a known name in Delhi. Turn right from the Haldirams and you will be greeted with a lovely charming lady Shabnam who will receive you graciously and will ...

Team Royale - August 8, 2015
blueberry scones recipe @TheRoyaleIndia

High Tea Buffet Recipe – Blueberry Scones

Are you planning a kitty party this weekend? Or do you have plans of get-togethers and have fun time gossiping? Whatever your purpose of meeting is, there is no joy like having something yummy, crispy and mouth ...

Team Royale - August 1, 2015
bottoms up delhi review @TheRoyaleIndia

Bottom’s Up : A Gastro Pub in Delhi – Food Review

Are you too a fan of “bottom’s up tradition? Cause I surely am. I have been draining my milk glasses for nearly 20 years now. Bearing in my heart a secret desire to pull the same stint with a pint of Hoegaarden.

Team Royale - July 31, 2015
Easy Corn Recipes @TheRoyaleIndia

2 Easy To Prepare Crunchy Corn Recipes

Monsoon is here and with all the pitter-patter, down comes the rain, rain and more rain. While the earth soaks in all the love from the sky, and you drench yourself in happiness, you surely feel like treating ...

Team Royale - July 30, 2015
high tea sandwiches @TheRoyaleIndia

3 Easy To Make High Tea Sandwich Recipes

‘High Tea’ is the term used to describe a meal that is taken in late afternoon or early evening. The meal consists of tea, bread and butter and any cooked dish.

Team Royale - July 25, 2015
Mutton Dhansak Recipe @TheRoyaleIndia

Mutton Dhansak Prepared in 8 Simple Steps

Mutton Dhansak, a popular and lip-smacking dish is a favourite amongst the Parsi community. Elements of Persian and Gujarati cuisine are beautifully incorporated in preparing this dish.

Team Royale - July 18, 2015
easy mushroom risotto recipe @TheRoyaleIndia

Mushroom Risotto – A Must Try Authentic Italian Dish

Risotto, as the name suggests, is an Italian dish that involves slow cooking of rice with wine and stock (derived from vegetables, meat or fish) to a creamy consistency. The rice varieties like Arborio, Carnaroli, ...

Team Royale - July 16, 2015
special Eid Recipes @TheRoyaleIndia

2 Easy To Make Nutritional Eid Recipes For You

Ramzaan or Ramadaan, as a few of us call it, is a sacred month to celebrate the generosity of mankind; to maintain a control over our worldly desires and not feed the fire of the demon inside us. I have always ...

Team Royale - July 14, 2015
Baklawa Recipe Easy @TheRoyaleIndia

Spread the sweetness this Eid with ‘Baklava’ – A Turkish Dessert

Eid Al Fitr is a celebration which marks the end of Ramadan. It simply translates to ‘festival of breaking the fast’. It’s the time to show kindness and to munch on some yummy delicacies. We have to admit the fact, ...

Team Royale - July 14, 2015