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Moroccan mint tea recipe gunpowder @TheRoyaleIndia

A Cup of Calmness: Moroccan Mint Tea Recipe

My love for tea is inexplicable. I crave for the invites to high tea parties. It is an addiction which I don’t want to get rid of, ever. Today we will talk about the Moroccan mint tea which has a discrete feel to it ...

Team Royale - October 10, 2015
navratri fast recipes @TheRoyaleIndia

3 Must Try Interesting Recipes for Navratri Fast

Dahi Aloo, or fruits and milk seem to be the only food you can consume during Navratri Fast. But it’s hard to survive on this and the craving makes it difficult to take mind off food. Does it sound familiar

Team Royale - October 8, 2015
crispy lamb beijing style recipe @TheRoyaleIndia

Prepare Crispy Lamb Beijing Style in 5 Simple Steps

Crispy lamb Beijing style is a must try dish for all lamb-lovers. The crispiness of the meat and the sourness of garlic make it a palatable delight. It might not be one of the best looking lamp dishes but its taste ...

Team Royale - October 2, 2015
quick and easy salad recipes @TheRoyaleIndia

3 Easy to Prepare Salad Recipes You Can Munch Anytime

Meeting friends after a long time is always so delighting, but this time when I met an old friend I was surprised with the way she looks now. Her skin was so radiant and she looked at least 3 kilos down.

Team Royale - September 26, 2015
cabbage kofta recipe @TheRoyaleIndia

Cabbage Kofta – Cook this easy Assamese dish in few easy steps!

Speaking about Koftas, what comes to your mind? Malai-kofta right? No! We will be adding a little healthy twist to this recipe and it won’t be calorie filled like the cream filled malai koftas.

Team Royale - September 17, 2015
Apple Cinnamon Mousse Pastry Recipe @TheRoyaleIndia

Prepare The Delicious and Spicy Apple Cinnamon Mousse Pastry in 9 Simple Steps

If you expecting guests or want to surprise your kids, Apple Cinnamon Mousse Pastries are simply unbeatable. The slightly spicy cinnamon sponge compliments beautifully with the apple mousse, giving it a creamier and ...

Team Royale - August 30, 2015
Tea Reviews @TheRoyaleIndia

5 Delightful Teas From Teabox You Must Try!!!

I have abhorred the typical daily rituals of tea for as long as I can remember. Somehow the brown shade and the aroma of cardamom, clove and ginger never really appealed to me, although my protest was never public.

Team Royale - August 29, 2015
Pan Seared Goose Liver Recipe @TheRoyaleIndia

Pan Seared French Goose Liver Recipe

Foie gras (‘fat liver’ in French) is a famous delicacy from the beautiful land of France. It’s rich and buttery flavor is delicate and mouthwatering, much unlike a common goose or duck liver. Foie gras is pretty ...

Team Royale - August 21, 2015
new zealand lamb rack recipes @TheRoyaleIndia

PREPARE Roasted New Zealand Lamb Rack WITH ROSEMARY JUS

Lamb is used as one of the most popular protein sources in New Zealand as well as Australia. Rack of lamb is a prime and one of the most expensive cuts of lamb which is neatly trimmed off fats. It is relatively ...

Team Royale - August 15, 2015
camembert cheese souffle recipe @TheRoyaleIndia

Camembert Cheese Soufflé –An Easy to Cook Traditional French Recipe!!!

Camembert, a soft and creamy surface-ripened cheese made from cow’s milk has made its way into our kitchen from Normandy, France where it was first made. The word soufflé, comes from a French word souffler which ...

Team Royale - August 13, 2015